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How to Elevate Your Brand Identity

Elevate; verb

Definition: To raise or lift (something) up to a higher position

Are you ready to lift your brand to a higher position? To make it more professional, become more visible, or target the right audience? We are the branding experts and we’re here to talk about how to elevate your brand!

We have helped countless clients elevate their brand in small and simple ways. We’ve also worked with clients in major ways to rebrand or refresh their branding to allow them to raise their prices comfortably and reach a higher target audience. Elevating your brand doesn’t have to be scary and can have a tremendous impact on your overall success as a business!

When it comes to elevating your brand, we believe that ALL businesses have to start somewhere. But over time (sometimes within a short amount of time), your brand identity settles into more of what it’s meant to be. The early phases of a business include a lot of growing and expanding. Eventually, you will need to elevate your brand to appeal to a higher target demographic and level up in your industry (or you could get swept behind in the competition).

By implementing the following 3 tips, you can successfully elevate your brand identity and reach higher goals. Just make sure to come back to us and tell us all about your success!

3 Ways to Level Up Your Branding

1. Make Your Customers the Priority

We know how fun it can be to infuse your personality within your branding. It is YOUR brand, of course! And while we always support staying true to yourself (that will never change), we do recommend focusing on what your customers want the most when it comes to your product or service.

Let’s pretend that you run an e-commerce business that sells tote bags. Your style and preference of your branding might be modern, sleek, and simple. While this is not the WRONG type of branding to have, have you considered what your buyer gravitates towards when it comes to accessories? If your tote bags are designed for buyers aged 14-35, what type of “style” is most popular for that age group? Does your branding represent this with color, font, layout, and dimension?

Another way to make your customers a priority is to consider their general interests and hobbies. Imagine them as a friend of yours and ask yourself a few questions. What do they do for work? What do they like to do on the weekend? What is their favorite type of film or TV genre? While these answers don’t have to be exact, they should paint a picture for you of your customers main interests and guide you to making your branding appealing to those types of individuals.

2. Be consistent

This couldn’t be more important for elevating your branding, and branding in general! Consistency is key for getting your customers to recognize your brand instantly. From the colors to the logos used, the placement and even the verbiage, be consistent with your branding across all platforms.

One of our biggest pieces of advice for consistency in branding is to infuse your branding no matter what. This includes wherever your customer could see you. For example,

  • Your website

  • Your social media profiles

  • Your email signatures

  • Your newsletters

  • Your marketing materials

  • Your ads

  • Your storefront

This might seem obvious at first, but you would be surprised the number of people who forget to put their branded mark on their email signatures. It makes a difference to your customers and it will help them remember who you are!

3. Stay in touch with trends

While we hate to admit it, trends get more clicks! And it’s not surprising because they tend to appeal to the majority of people, hence them becoming a trend.

We mentioned staying consistent as tip #2, and that can still be true if you adjust your branding based on a trend. What’s more important is recognizing how a trend could attract more of your buying audience and help them to realize how relevant and current your brand is. We can all agree that when we see an outdated brand, it’s immediately obvious to us, right? Hence the importance of staying in touch with trends.

What if a trend doesn’t appeal to you personally? That’s okay! We don’t suggest compromising your values or opinions for your brand. However, knowing what trends do get attraction will help you to make those decisions. Maybe you pass on the latest trend for bubble letters, but you accept a trending and funny hashtag that relates to your audience. You have the ability to pick and choose.

Elevating your brand will always have a positive impact when done correctly. With the right branding tools and an effort to regularly and consistently evaluate your brand, you are well on your way to staying at the top!

Want our branding expertise in your corner? Book a brand chat so we can discuss where you are now and where you could be in the near future!

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