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Knowing and connecting with your dream clients

You know there are people out there who you love working with and those who are a major drain on your energy. The latter happens because they aren't actually your people, you've just tried to make them fit because you want to help them, you need the money, they're a friend of a friend, etc. we all have those clients.

Jenna and I are really working on drawing our ideal clients in this year and graciously declining those who aren't the right fit for us. We've established a system on how we do so and IT. HAS. BEEN. WORKING! So, we took our strategies and developed two freebies to help you narrow down and then connect with those people who are a literal dream to work with for you.

The first freebie is all about relating to your people through text - captions, blog posts, emails, etc. It first walks you through how to really define who you're trying to reach - who your dream client really is. Then, you'll develop stories around the connection points you have in common with your client, the things you're able to talk so freely and honestly about that will leave them saying... "omg, me too", or "that sounds like something I would do".

When you have the stories that you'll connect with your dream clients over, move on to the next freebie which details the types of imagery that most people are statistically drawn to. If you can capture someone's attention with a photo, they're much more likely to read the text below it. If the story you've shared resonates with them (i.e. they're you're ideal client), they will want to know more about you and will follow you, look at your past posts and eventually, through additional connection points, will become a paying client. If it doesn't speak to them (i.e. they're not your person), they'll move on with their scrolling.

You can download each file here on the Goodies page of our website, along with an additional exercise that will help you refine your brand's personality and find ways to exemplify it in your work and day-to-day life.

Want to chat through these a little more and get our recommendations for you? Schedule a complimentary brand audit with us and we will do just that!


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