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Millennial Traits to Use to Your Advantage in Your Small Business

Since opening PBC two years ago, we've had the pleasure of working with a variety of types of businesses, people and brands. While it's so hard to pick a favorite "type" of business or client to work with, we have to say that because we are millennials ourselves, it's been especially rewarding helping build brands of fellow millennials and young entrepreneurs alike. In a world that has been primarily dominated by big business, we are constantly inspired by our clients who strive to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. Becca and I were always told by our parents that we could do whatever we wanted in life and that if wanted something, we could have it if we worked hard for it. While some may think the millennials carry negative traits like entitlement and self-righteousness, in the same respect, we're also credited for being problem-solvers, open-minded and creative. Today we're going to talk about what millennial traits you should be using to your advantage in your small business.

1. Millennials are... Go-getters.

There's no "right" time to start your business and if you don't take advantage of an opportunity, someone else surely will. Use your determination and go-getter attitude to not only help you get started, but help you grow your business from nothing to something. Our Tip: make to-do lists, give each task a deadline and put everything in your calendar to help you stay organized and hold yourself accountable. Expect that no one is going to hold your hand to get you to where you want to be - you have to hold your own hand, be your own cheerleader!

2. Millennials are... Lifelong Students

Information is readily available for those who seek it out. In this day and age, you can Google just about anything. Use your natural instinct to soak up knowledge as a competitive advantage. Our tip: never stop learning! Use the internet to access free resources to gain knowledge about your industry and being a business owner in general. The more you know, the easier it will be to navigate through your business and any issues that may arise. With more knowledge, you'll go from thinking "woah, this is scary" to "I got this!" in no time.

3. Millennials are ... Care Free

Some may think being "care-free" literally means not caring about anything - but the opposite is true here. Being care free can be used to your advantage when owning a business because when you house the mentality of not taking life too seriously, you open the door to truly accept criticism as constructive. Our Tip: don't be afraid to ask for feedback! Take all the feedback you can get and use it to improve your products, services and/or business process.

The first step to building a great brand and business is believing that you can. Once you have belief and confidence in yourself, the next step is taking action to accomplish your goals of brand and business building and holding yourself accountable along the way. If you strive to never stop learning, you'll always be improving. Take criticism and feedback as a chances to refine your craft.

Happy Business Building!



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