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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Brand

Are you team “I love spring cleaning!” or does the idea of deep cleaning make you want to hide in the pantry and eat cookies? Just us?

Regardless of your feelings on spring cleaning your home, let’s talk about another form of spring cleaning that applies to your BUSINESS! (Yes, it’s a thing and has so many benefits!)

While every business is different, there are a few key things you can do each spring (or whenever is a slower-paced season for you) that can set you up for better results throughout the year.

Ready to see your Spring Cleaning Brand Checklist?

5-Step Spring Cleaning Brand Checklist

1. Polish Your Profiles

We fully believe in the power of a strong profile, whether that be on social media, your website, or even your email account. Having all of your account details set up, branded, and complete with the right links, information, and contact details is HUGE. During your annual spring cleaning of your business, open each of your major profiles (think Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, your website, and your email) and ensure that all of the links, details, and images are correct.

If you’re wanting to elevate your profile from the year prior, consider a new profile image or bio description. Subtle adjustments like these can help your profile, or message, get better recognized.

2. Review Your Processes & Remove Unnecessary Steps

This is a big one that might take a bit more time, but is hugely important. Your business likely has different systems in place for various things, ie. payroll, customer service, daily operations, client management, marketing, etc. Each of these processes should be evaluated for efficiency. Be on the lookout for ways to cut down time or steps, because saving energy should be your goal!

Of course, not all processes can have something removed. Perhaps one of your systems needs MORE steps or details to be more efficient and supportive to your clients or customers. With your wide-eyes on, review each of your processes with the goal of improving them. Improvement to these processes will help your overall business be more successful.

3. Verify Expenses

Every business has expenses, whether that’s utilities, products, marketing fees, software services, or simply business supplies. Each of these expenses adds up, but the smaller your expenses are, the more profitable your business is.

It’s important to look at all of your expenses each year and determine which ones are still necessary, could be adjusted, or how you could save money on them. While you maybe can’t control the exact cost of each one, you can be mindful of the price and see if there is another option that could save you money.

4. Ask For Customer Feedback

What does it mean to ask for customer feedback? We’re referring to giving your customers, clients, or followers a chance to weigh in on your business. What do they love about it? What would they love to see more of? Is there a product or service that they would refer a friend to? Where could your business improve to better suit them? These questions could be asked over social media, through a newsletter, or even by creating a form that they could easily fill out.

A feedback opportunity is a great way for you to learn what you’re doing RIGHT, and similarly, where you might have room for improvement. Ideally, your customers will give honest feedback and you can then determine if adjustments can be made.

Feedback is your friend! Allow it to help guide you on business decisions, while still making your business what YOU want it to be.

5. Consider a Rebrand

If it’s been a whole year (or longer) since you’ve looked over your branding, consider a rebrand for improved marketing, delivery, and customer appeal! Rebranding doesn’t have to be scary or intense. In fact, subtle rebrands can help your customers appreciate you MORE for wanting to give them the best experience.

What does a rebrand even look like? We explain why your business might need a Refresh Or Rebrand, but also included are 3 questions to ask yourself when determining your next steps. Those are:

1. Are you currently connecting with and converting your dream clients?

2. Does your current branding feel boring, outdated, too common, or unprofessional?

3. Does your logo or website represent what you currently do or what you would ultimately like to focus on?

Ultimately, if a rebrand is where you want to go, let us help you! We know exactly what it takes to elevate an established business and help your business grow.

What a checklist, right? Your business is well on its way to growing and improving year after year by completing these tasks. Owning a small business definitely takes work, but it is so worth it, right?

Sending you all the good vibes on your brand spring cleaning this year!


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