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Your Timeline for Website Updates

Okay - you've made the leap. You've started your business, you've begun branding, you've invested in a website, now your'e done. Right? WRONG. A website (your online storefront) shouldn't be left untouched by you after the design phase is over. In order to differentiate yourself and your brand, it's going to need time and attention, on a frequent basis.

As you are likely aware, the internet is an ever-evolving media platform that is constantly growing. On a daily basis, new information replaces old information and we have endless amounts of unique content at our fingertips.

So what does this mean for you? It means that your website, and essentially your entire business, is at your potential customer's fingertips at any point in time. At any given moment, your customer has the ability to access your website (hopefully through any device) and in order to retain that customer, you'll want to make sure that your website is up-to-date with the most relevant information regarding your company.

Come Up with a Schedule for Updates

I know - it's hard to think about setting aside any amount of time to dedicate to updating your website, but doing so is essential if you're wanting to stay relevant while simultaneously gaining new clientele. Here's our suggestion:


  • Once your website is perfected to your liking in the design phase, you've gone live on the web and are now using your Website Guide to add your own tweaks and edits, make it a point to schedule 1 day per week to look over your entire website (on all devices) from an aesthetic point of view.

  • We see this often with our customers: Their website is designed, perfected and launched; they start making edits and changes but forget to update the mobile version of their site. In these cases, the site is no longer optimized on a mobile device.

  • Having a website that doesn't translate on mobile devices can be detrimental for your business, especially in today's world when your customer is likely only viewing your website from their phone or tablet. Having a website that is disorganized and jumbled on a mobile device because you forgot to edit the mobile design version of your site can cause your potential customer to write you off as unprofessional and not someone they'd trust doing business with.


  • Once you've gotten a hang of adding tweaks and edits to your site and making sure it's showing up correctly on all devices, make it a point to schedule 1 day every 2 weeks to look over your entire website as if you were in your customer's shoes.

  • Ask yourself the usual questions: as a potential customer, are you able to find what you'd be looking for? Maybe it's the services you offer, or pricing for your this information clear to your potential consumer? Are your service packages clearly explained with what you offer?

  • If you are not updating your website and it's content regularly, be prepared to have angry and confused non-customers. If your website lists a service package for $50 but when inquiring with you about the package, you inform them that your prices have now changed to $70, you're going to be leaving your customer annoyed, confused and choosing your competition over you.


  • Once your design is right and translating on all devices, your pricing and/or information is accurate, schedule 1 day per month to update your site with new and relevant content.

  • Maybe it's a new picture of your staff for your website's bio, maybe it's adding a new team member, adding a new service, or updating your product photos with better images - by keeping your website updated with relevant content, it will give your customer a reason to come back to your page. Hopefully to purchase a new product or book a new service!

If you don't have the time or don't have someone on your team that has time to regularly check on your website or keep it up to date, contact us! We'd be happy to discuss a custom maintenance plan for your site to make sure your site is where it needs to be, at any time!

You've taken the time and money to invest in a new website, don't let that investment go to waste!

Happy Designing!



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