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In this case, your branding is still working for you the way you intend it to, but your  designs could use some updates. Basically, your logo and/or website design  structure stays the same or very similar, while the colors, fonts, and layouts are  tweaked and updated. 

The goal with a brand refresh is to make changes that will increase the draw and  attraction to your brand for your dream audience.  

We will: 
+ Enhance the cohesiveness of your brand elements to further brand recognition  and memorability. This intensifies trust which is the first step in your dream client’s  buying journey. Greater trust = quicker conversions/readiness to buy. 

+ Ensure you have a versatile and dynamic visual aesthetic with multiple logo  elements and a captivating website that keeps the attention of your audience. This  positions you as a trustworthy professional and expert in your market and again,  greater trust = quicker conversions/readiness to buy. 

+ Grow your confidence so you’re never afraid to hand out your business cards or direct people to your website. You need people to know, see and TRUST you! 

We have MULTIPLE packages and payment plans available but our service is an  investment - meaning the pricing is significant which helps to ensure YOU are fully  committed to this growth opportunity. We will do 95% of the work for you, but we  need you to energetically prioritize this project to get the maximum benefit! 

Book a call with us below to determine which design plan will suite you and your  business best: 

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