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Asking For Help - The Key to Business Growth

Why is admitting that you don’t know everything so hard? It’s so obvious, of COURSE we don’t know everything. We haven’t been entrepreneurs for decades and we honestly like to think we aren’t that far removed from college (okay, that’s a stretch, it’s been like 6-8 years, lol) but still! We know we have a lot to learn so why is it so hard to say so? This year, we've really worked to find those smarter than us. More business savvy than we are. People with more positive mindsets and skill sets that are stronger and more diverse than ours. And you know what? THIS is the year we've experienced the most growth! Finally, we've come to the conclusion that having people who are smarter, better, faster than you are on your team is one of the major keys to true business growth.

We have bigger goals than ever, bigger income than ever and have really been able to get rid of the distractions and truly define our process for our soulmate clients which has been so successful for them - and that’s what we really, really care about.

️The moral of this long story is that finding someone to help you... a business coach, a nanny, a housekeeper, a tutor, an assistant, a designer... can be the biggest game changer ever.

But, ya gotta say the word: help. What kind of help do you ask for in life or business?


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