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Five Tips for Instagram with Katie Love!

Our good friend and social media queen, Katie Love, is jumping on our blog today to share her five favorite Instagram tips for growing your following in a genuine (and fun!) way. We met Katie last year when she asked us to create a new logo for her. Since then, we've sent each other various referrals and we even designed her wedding invitations! Katie is so sweet and has a true talent for connecting with others; we've loved getting to know her and we hope you do too!

Jumping right in - what you need to know!

Instagram is one of the most cost-effective ways to show-off your brand and personality.

If you want to catch the public’s attention, Instagram is where you need to be!

Remember, try not to hit people over the head with selling your product.

Instead, use photos to showcase how your product and you as a brand are amazing!

Types of Posts :

Your Instagram posts are like opening a door into your work or personal life. Make your posts welcoming and fun. You can try behind-the-scene photos at work, a nice scenery, your fashion or beautifully prepared food. And, don’t forget the babies and dogs. They’re always a big hit! The key is to have fun because Instagramers can tell!



You can add as many hashtags as you want (up to 30 per post). The more the better! Each hashtag puts your photo into a “stream” of different categories in Instagram. The more “streams” you are in, the more people will see your photos. People always ask me ‘What hashtags should I use?’” Here are some of the most-used hashtags that will get your picture noticed:

I encourage you also to use your location as a hashtag and use hashtags related to your business or brand. For example, I would personally hashtag: #ladyboss #entreprenuer #business #socialmedia. I keep these hashtags in the notes app on my phone. Then, I just copy and paste each time I want to post. Or if you want a cleaner look on your initial post, you can comment on your own posts with the hashtags.


Follow other people. When people add you, try to follow them back to show you appreciate the connection. Also, just go into the Instagram search engine and type in your favorite topic and start following people who have the same interests. I recommend following people whose followers are below 2,000 because then they are more likely to follow you back! Stay in the conversation on Instagram by commenting on photos and responding to people who comment on your posts. For example: If you’re a florist in Pittsburgh you might want to follow hashtags that say #engaged #burgh because an engaged couple is likely looking for someone to make their flower arrangements on the big day! Then you can comment on one of their posts. First, compliment the photo and then ask them to visit your page and check out your work!


Take a beautiful photo of someone or make that person something awesome. Instead of posting it on your own account, ask the person to post the picture on their Instagram and tag you in it. This is an easy way to reach more people. You can also boost your following by gifting your product to an insta-famous influencer in your field and in return ask them to post about your brand. For example: if you have beautiful clothes for sale, ask someone with a big fashion following if you can send them a shirt in exchange for a post. This technique can enhance your credibility with someone else vouching for your greatness!


Run contests. You can create a special hashtag or coupon code. For example: if you’re a photographer and want to book more weddings, you can ask brides-to-be to post a creative picture with their future-hubby using the special hashtag or coupon code. Then, say you will select one winner to get 50% off engagement photos!


LATER: My favorite app for Instagram! You can see a layout of how all your photos will look together. It also doesn’t violate Instagram’s term of service for posting. You get a notification on your phone when it’s time to post an it opens up Instagram with your photo. You can then copy and paste your caption. HOOTSUITE: Manage multiple accounts, follow hashtags, publish posts from your computer or phone, schedule posts, track your performance. There is a free version of Hootsuite available. AGORAPULSE: I personally prefer this over Hootsuite because the interface is cleaner, but it’s not free. You can use their calendar to schedule content ahead of time, track your daily engagement, create searches to follow certain hashtags, and manage multiple Instagram posts. Again, it’s not free, but worth it if you’re using Instagram for your business. ICONOSQUARE: Measures your performance, tracks hashtags check your page against competitors.

Didn’t get enough? I’ve got a great hashtag guide. Feel free to e-mail me!


Katie Love






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