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Happy birthday, Jenna!

In honor of her birthday today, I had Jenna finish a few sentences so I could share more about her with you all! She really is such a light in my life and I hope she's had the chance to brighten yours as well!

Name​ and ​birth date: ​ Jenna - 10/15/92​

Nicknames: Jen, Jenny-Riah, Peanut ;)​

The best birthday I've ever had was: ​ My 8th birthday... Becca organized a Halloween birthday party for me and all my friends. We had a scary cat pinata, we bobbed for apples, and played other Halloween-themed games. We had all kinds of special Halloween-themed food that my mom and sister made too. My friends talked about it at school for weeks! Haha ​My sister is and has always been the best party planner!

I am secretly terrified of: Heights ​

I could eat this for every meal for the rest of my life: Chips + queso ​

​My favorite style icon is:​ Kim K. ​

If ​I wasn't a designer, ​I would probably: Work in the fashion industry

My perfect day goes like this: Wake up to snuggles from my puppies, spend time with my family and friends somewhere in the sunshine​, have a glass of chardonnay, try a new restaurant!

Most people would be surprised to learn I’ve never​: Learned to ski... even being a Colorado native! ​

I am most relaxed when:​ I am shopping - it seriously is therapeutic!

For me, the best thing about being a business owner is: I love being able to make my own decisions and learning through trial and error. It's an awesome feeling to implement an idea that works in our business, and it keeps me on my toes when something doesn't work and we have to think of a new solution. I love how every day is different and exciting, and I truly love the opportunity to help others with their branding.

​The best advice I've ever gotten was: From my Dad - "Live your life the way you want to. If you're happy, then nothing else should matter!"​

Happy birthday, Jenna! You're my favorite part of this business!!

- Your sister


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