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How to Show Clients You Value Them

Ding, ding! A message alert just hits your inbox notifying you of a new purchase, appointment, or sign up. How exciting! When customers or clients support your business, it’s the best feeling in the world, right?

In today’s digital age, and especially with small business, building and maintaining customer relationships is key. The impact their purchase or sign up makes on your business is a big deal, both for them and for you!

Which is why it is important we talk about showing value and appreciation to our clients and customers. While many businesses are excellent at doing this, we all can think of a time or two we’ve likely NOT felt like a valued customer, right?

So when it comes to showing our beloved customers or clients some love, we’re sharing three ways you can easily accomplish this today.

3 Easy Ways to Show Love to Your Customers

1. Respond to all feedback and reviews

We hope this is already a part of your current process, but if not, consider implementing it ASAP! Replying to any review, feedback form, or comment will definitely help your customers feel seen and valued. You don’t have to talk to them for hours back and forth, but letting them know you read and saw their message or comment will sit with them. Not to mention, it tells them that you take the time to listen. Customers don’t forget that.

Wondering what to do if someone leaves negative comments or feedback? We recommend still replying to let them know you hear what they have to say. In a tactful and polite way, address their concern or frustration and offer whatever condolences you feel appropriate. Saying nothing could actually make things worse, so always reply in some form or fashion.

2. Offer incentives for returning customers / clients

Can we all agree that a follow-up email offering a future discount or an extra bonus offering feels pretty good to receive? We sure love that! This is a great way to show you value and love your clients or customers after they’ve made a purchase, completed a service, or even signed up for a class or event. It’s a simple way to say “Thank you” for their support of your business and really goes a long way.

How do you know how much to offer? That’s a great question! It’s important to look at what is most important to you in terms of retention of a new client or customer and the future business they could bring you. Be gracious, letting them know that you appreciate their business so much that you will make their next time back even better.

3. Provide outstanding customer service

No one goes into business wanting to provide poor customer service, but unfortunately, it does happen. Let it be your goal to always exceed your customer or clients expectations and you won’t be mad you did. A good customer service experience is something that a client or customer will cherish for weeks (maybe even years) to come. Always have friendly communications, prompt replies, fast service, quality products, easy returns / exchanges, and even accommodating hours. Customers who feel like the service they received is phenomenal will tell their friends and family, further supporting your business!

These three simple ways to value and appreciate your clients will make a statement each and every time.

As you consider your customer or clients experience with your business, don’t forget to consider the impact a re-brand could have on your business as well. An elevated brand includes an elevated customer experience, all of which these tips apply to and can further help your business succeed.


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