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Jenna's Modern Save the Dates

One of the most exciting things about wedding planning for me has been brainstorming ideas for all the graphic and printed elements - go figure! ;) I remember when my sister was getting married a few years ago (before Peanut Butter Creative was born), it was her favorite part too and actually one of the stepping stones that led us to starting our own little business. Since she had created her own, we had friends who asked us to create wedding materials for their weddings, and then friends of friends, and so on. We have worked on many weddings together and the entire time I have just dreamed about what I would want for my 'one day' moment.

When creating my Save the Dates, I wanted something that was unique, different but totally 'me'. The theme for our wedding is black and white elegance - so I created our first stationery item to reflect just that.

To make the invite pop, I printed these on an extra thick card stock. There is just something about the weight of a chunkier paper that just brings me and my OCD so much joy, lol. After designing in Adobe Illustrator, I sent my files over to one of our favorite online print shops, THIKIT.COM. THikit specializes in premium card stock and we've used them for several of our clients who want to give an awesome first impression with their business cards. I knew they would be just perfect for all of my wedding stationery items. They came out about the thickness of a drink coaster, which is exactly what I was looking for!

I decided to stray away from the standard rectangular sizing and went with a full 5x5 square print with matching square envelopes. Keep in mind that if you decide to print in square sizing, the Post Office will charge you a couple more cents to mail out. Standard stamps for cost 55 cents and square sizing is an extra 15 cents. I bought these beautiful 7o cent butterfly stamps which turned out so cute! Instead of getting return address labels, I ordered a custom stamp from Simply Stamps through Amazon for only 25 bucks. You can customize the stamp to your name and address and it just adds a special touch (plus makes addressing multiple invites a whole lot easier!).

I always think of an invite as setting the tone for your entire wedding and I am thrilled with how they came out! We have already gotten a few compliments from our guests! Now it's time to design and print the actual invitations - so exciting!

If you or someone you know is getting hitched and is looking for wedding stationery design, send them our way! While we no longer offer printing services through PBC, we would still love to give you a designed file that you can get printed wherever you'd like. We have great recommendations for printers we've used in the past and can send those your way too!


Future Mrs. Jenna Bratcher


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