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The Work From Home Mom Life

When I tell people I stay at home with Liam and am also growing my own business that makes 4-5 figures per month, they always ask, "but, how do you get anything done?" It's certainly not for the faint of heart but if you can set aside a little time to plan ahead, I really think anyone can do it. Liam is now 17 months old and getting busier and busier by the day but I wanted to share what's working for us right now and what my day looks like.

6:15 - I wake up and get ready for the day. I know that I will be more productive if I feel put together so even if that means some days (okay, most days) that looks like yoga pants and a bun on my head, then I will do that. I just have to get out of my pajamas and put a little make up on in order to feel ready for the day. I also spend 10-15 minutes journaling about four things: what I'm thankful for, what my current dreams are, what I want to remember from the day before (mostly cute things Liam does) and what goal I'm focusing on. Even if these things are the same day after day, I always write them down so I know what I have my eyes on.

7:00 - Liam wakes up and I get him dressed, he eats breakfast and we go on a 30-45 minute walk. I always listen to a podcast during this time, usually Rachel Hollis' Rise or Rise Together podcast, The Highlight Real, The Pitch, How I Built This, Mom Brain or Crime Junkie if it's a Monday! I love getting some outdoor time and a little exercise first thing in the morning.

9:00 - By now, we are ready to go play so I usually take Liam to Storytime at the library, to the park with his little buddies, swimming or something else that sounds fun for the day.

11:00 - Liam and I eat lunch and he goes down for his nap. He usually sleeps from 11:30-2:00 and sometimes a little later. I always eat when he eats so that as soon as he's down for his nap, I can head right into my office and get to work.

During nap time, I get any tasks done for the day that need to be done during daytime hours... making appointments for our family, talking to clients, etc. I try to get that stuff out of the way first and then I will post to social media and work on my design projects.

2:00 - When Liam gets up, he has a snack and we are off again. Either running errands or meeting with friends for play dates!

5:30 - Patrick comes home and we eat dinner as a family. This is super important to me and I try to stay off my phone for at least an hour or so while we are all home together. If I'm really busy though, Patrick will take over and I can get a little extra work in.

7:00 - Liam goes to bed and I jump back on my computer. I love working at night and this is when I feel most inspired. I usually focus on my design projects and any other extra design-type things, like creating freebies or even just doodling, that I have in my mind to do.

9:30 - I wrap up with my work and get ready for bed. I'd love to be asleep by 10:30 but I really try to stay off my phone most of the day so I feel like I have so much to catch up on and usually stay up until 11:00 or 11:30 just scrolling... This is something I'm really working on so if anyone has any tips, let me know! I can't figure out how to be less interested in other people's lives so I can just go to sleep rather than reading all of the posts on my feed, lol!

A couple of other things I do to enhance my productivity - I always sit down on Sunday nights and plan out my week. I make a list with check boxes of absolutely everything I want to get done so I can constantly refer back to it all week. Also, at the beginning of every month, I plan out all of our meals for each week. It's not a strict schedule or fancy but it works. I write, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and then under those, one meatless (Meatless Mondays!) and two other meals for each week (I try to cook at least three times a week, leftovers one night and out one night, then we usually eat leftovers, easy things like sandwiches, or out on the weekends). I buy all of my meat from Thrive Market so that's delivered and lessens my grocery shopping time.

Lastly, Jenna and I have a couple hour meeting at the beginning of every month where we plan out everything we want to do as a company over the next month. I add all of these tasks into my weekly to do list to ensure I get them all done by our next meeting.

Okay so this might be a lot more detailed than anyone actually wanted but I hope there are some pieces of info that are helpful to someone! I LOVE hearing how moms and other boss babes stay organized so share your tips with me too! What does your schedule look like and when do you get most of your work done?!




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