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Three Easy Sources of Content

As an entrepreneur and business owner, chances are, you are using some form of social media to market yourself to current and potential clients. Social media is a beneficial tool, but sometimes the thought of curating new, valuable content daily can seem overwhelming. Sometimes your mind just goes blank and you need some new ideas. So what’s a creative, entrepreneurial woman supposed to do when you need to put out content but you’re at a loss on what to post?

Check out three of our easy content ideas for when you’re stuck:

1. Recycle content

Did you know only about 10% of your audience sees each of your posts? It’s okay to share them again! Chances are that if you share the same post, even word for word, your audience won't notice (we know this first hand) and the valuable content that you've already produced will reach even more people. Use your insights and data analysis to see what content previously performed well and then use it again! Spend less time creating content and more time nurturing connections.

2. Write a personal post

These are typically the easiest to come up with because we know ourselves best. Share your story, a survey about yourself, a funny moment from childhood, etc. Then, ask your audience to share something in a comment. People love reading about others and love sharing about themselves too! Your audience wants to know you - share your stories!! Let them know who they are buying from and supporting. Create the trust factor and build relationships.

3. Poll your audience

Find out what questions they have! Ask what they'd like to see from you or what questions you can answer for them. Send out surveys, use engagement stickers or polls in your stories, put a call to action on your posts, or ask for customer feedback. Get creative and keep asking questions to get to know your audience and what they need! Remember, YOU are the expert in your field so position yourself as such and see what you can help your audience learn. Keep a running list of questions or ideas you get written down so you can go to them in the future if you’re feeling stuck again.

But wait! You’re asking all the questions but your audience isn’t responding? Yeah, we've been there too. Use Google instead! Start typing a question with "how to" and an industry-specific word and see what pops up - then write a post on the top results! Check out Google Trends or a site like BuzzSumo to see what’s trending online for different content areas at the moment, the last month, last year, etc. Check out or other similar sites to discover some of the most asked questions related to your content area.

You are doing amazing things! You wear multiple hats and work daily to grow your business. In the moments when you don’t know what to post or you just need a fresh idea - start with one of these ideas.

What's your go-to post? We love sharing stories with pictures from our childhood.


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