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Who Do We Design For?

As brand strategists, our strategy always has more to do with our client’s audience than with our clients themselves. I know that can feel a little weird... it’s YOUR company and YOUR brand.

Don’t get us wrong, we want you to LOVE your branding. It should feel in true alignment with who you are and the kind of personality you want your business to have. But who do you want your branding to connect with? When people see your logo, your website, your marketing materials, social media pages, who are you hoping says, “wow, this is a message made for me”

Well, that person, that soulmate client, is who we want you to be able to reach. And, your likes and aesthetics are probably similar to theirs. But try to keep that dream client in mind - your branding should reflect what they would be drawn to and not just your preferences.

This is especially important if your ideal audience is pretty different from you. Maybe they're in a different age demographic, they might live in a big city and you're in a smaller town or maybe you're trying to reach a different gender, like a male wedding venue owner looking to appeal to brides. In these cases, but truly in all, it's a great idea to do some market research.

We've done market research before and it can be extremely helpful. You can post on social media, calling for those who meet the criteria of your ideal audience (be sure to list it out - millennial women in Denver, for example) to reply if they'd like to answer a few questions for you. Ask them about what they're drawn to, where they like to shop, what brands they favor and why, etc. Then, you can relay this information to your designer so they're able to design for the person you're trying to connect with.

Let us know if you have any questions on that or if we can design for you!




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