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How to Have the Best December Ever (in Business & Personally)

Ho ho ho! It’s already December and we are LOVING this time of year! But just like you’re probably feeling, there is a lot of hustle and bustle amidst the cheer and celebration. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed about how to fit it all in? Wondering if your business will feel the effects of common seasonal dips this time of year? 

We know that we want our business to continue running smoothly during a holiday month, but we also want to enjoy ourselves and have plenty of time for family and Christmas cheer. We decided a few years back that it was important to ensure that we make December an enjoyable month, both in business and personally. Over the course of trial and error, we’ve learned a few ways to do just that!

December is already jam-packed with parties, events, and tons of shopping, but by following these tips, you can have a joyful month both in terms of your business success and your personal life!

3 Ways to Ensure You & Your Business Thrive in December

1. Plan Your Promotions Early

The fourth quarter of the year is known as “spending season” for many reasons, largely for consumers who spend almost 50% more this time of year! Because of this, we always recommend you plan a holiday-related promotion in November of December to help boost sales and revenue during this time.

However, while this could mean good numbers for you business-wise, it’s important to strategically plan your promos early to avoid YOU having to work extra or overtime to accommodate to extra sales. 

If you run a promotion the first week of December, you likely can have your orders, sales, or appointments wrapped up before the last week of the month. However, if you wait until week 3 of December, you may be stuck at your computer, your shop, or on your phone more than you’d like during the best week of the year. 

While you know your business best and when customers are looking to buy, sign up, or book, keep in mind that YOUR happiness matters too and you don’t want to compromise on an enjoyable holiday season just to earn a little more. Take into consideration your holiday plans and schedule when you plan out your fourth-quarter promotion.

2. Communicate Your Holiday Hours

It’s common practice for businesses to have closures or less availability during the days before, during, or after Christmas and New Year’s. If you are a business that remains open and available during those days, feel free to communicate that with your clients and customers that you will still be reachable or open! 

However, if you are planning to close or have limited hours, let your people know! Nothing is worse than ruining your business reputation by having customers or clients thinking you are open or reachable when you are taking well-deserved time off.

Plain and simple, post your holiday hours at your storefront, on your social media pages and website, and especially on your Google Business Profile so that people are alerted to your availability. 

By communicating your holiday hours, you will ideally avoid receiving a panicked customer service email, inquiry, or phone call from a client or customer needing information or a product urgently. This protects your time and happiness during a part of the month that you deserve to be “out of the office.” 

3. Sprinkle in Some Festive Fun

When we say we want to have an enjoyable month, we mean it! While other holidays are sprinkled throughout the year, December is the ULTIMATE month for festiveness, and we want to enjoy it!

For us, this looks like planning holiday content, hosting giveaways, sharing some behind-the-scenes of our personal life in full holiday swing, and even spoiling our clients or customers with a little extra Christmas love. You can adopt some of these ideas or come up with your own (even if that means hosting a fun holiday pop up party to show some customer appreciation!)

We’ve seen so many businesses gain extra followers or customers simply by showing their festive side during December. This could actually be an epic marketing tool to demonstrate that you are down to earth and human in that it doesn’t have to be “all work and no play.” Show off your fun and jolly side within your business and watch your audience appreciate you for it!


We enjoy so much about this time of year, but especially the connections we form with clients, customers, and fellow businesses that understand the true meaning of this time of year. Family, love, and holiday giving is what we’re all about and we hope our business practices truly reflect that! 

Want a few other ideas for succeeding in business during the holiday season? 


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