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How to Keep Your Business Running While on a Holiday Vacation

Anyone else daydream about taking a vacation? We sure do! While we absolutely love our jobs and all of our clients, it’s sometimes nice to fantasize about leaving it all behind and unplugging… preferably on a beach somewhere with a great novel! What about you?

The truth is that we ALL deserve to unplug and step away from work at some point. A lot of people enjoy taking vacations over the holidays because of how it matches up with other relatives, time off, etc. So if you’re one of those people considering a holiday vacation this year, this post is for you!

Whether your business is in the early stages and growing or has been functioning for years, having your business set up for smooth sailing while you’re away IS possible. It just takes a little bit of planning and intentional preparation!

We thought we’d share what has helped us to navigate any “out of the office” time, including specifically the holidays when customers or clients may be expecting quick replies, orders, etc. So let’s dive in.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Business Doesn’t Skip a Beat While You Enjoy a Vacation

1. Create a Pre and Post Vacation Plan

When it comes to your weekly schedule for your business, we’re sure this includes various meetings, appointments, shipments, or even reports to send or review. These tasks are important, but should be heavily evaluated for necessity in regards to your time away.

We recommend creating a pre and post vacation plan that moves or bumps these items on your weekly calendar to before or after your trip. *If possible,* try and do as much before your trip so that you can RELAX and not stress about what’s waiting for you when you return.

Additionally, if you can bump meetings, appointments, or deliveries to beforehand, the people this impacts can avoid any delays because of your unavailability. This is helpful in keeping things running as smoothly as possible.

Take a moment to write down everything that would normally be done during the week you plan to be out and see what can be skipped entirely, moved to before, or shifted to after. If something absolutely cannot be moved, arrange for coverage for that task and ensure proper training is provided so that no one notices a difference in operations.

2. Communicate Expectations

Ah, the word communicate. We just love that word. Communication is incredibly important in all areas of business, but especially when the boss (aka YOU) is not around. We definitely want you to enjoy your vacation and getting hounded with questions while you're away is NOT ideal. So instead, communicate all the details of what is expected for your staff, partners, etc. BEFORE you go.

Additionally, communicate to your customers or clients your brief absence and let them know how and when to expect your return or a response. In some instances, you may still be able to provide what they are looking for on your website or through another method. Ensure everyone that your resources, product, or services are still available and any follow up they may need will be addressed in a short period of time.

By communicating to your team, customers, or other stakeholders in your business that you are not going to be available, you are putting trust in them to handle things while you are away. We realize this can be challenging, but we believe your team will step up to the occasion to support you getting a well-deserved vacation!

3. Utilize Support

This definitely plays in to #2 above, but is even more important in a logistical aspect. Utilize the support for your business by asking them to help cover, manage, or be available while you vaycay! If they are hired by you to do so, this is literally their job. And if they are just a person in your corner that you have turned to in the past, communicate that you need the help in order to ensure your business runs smoothly.

This may mean that someone has to work overtime hours (worth it to get you that vacation!) Or, it could mean that you need to do extra training to have someone cover your role, task, or job. Do it! It will be worth it to know that your business is being taken care of by someone who knows what to do.

Another area of support you can rely on is technology! If you want to not have to lift a finger while you’re away, set up automated replies to your forms, emails, or even texts. You can still communicate with your customers that there will be a temporary lapse in service, response, etc., but YOU don’t have to be the one to actually communicate that. Technology can be a real lifesaver in these instances!

Whether you’re headed to the beach, the mountains, a family reunion, or a couples getaway, we hope you LIVE IT UP and allow yourself that time to recharge. As a business owner, it’s often not easy to step away, but by implementing these tips, it becomes a lot more doable.

Enjoy that vacation and know that we are here to support you!

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