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Our Best Social Media Tips

It’s 2023 and the world revolves around social media, right? We aren’t complaining because social media is one of our favorite places to connect and engage with our friends, family, and clients! But that doesn’t mean it’s easy for businesses to navigate.

While we consider ourselves knowledgeable on the subject of social media, there is always more to learn and try when it comes to growing, increasing sales, and / or keeping up with trends.

Luckily, we stay deep in the know of most strategies and tools to not only help our business but to be a guide and mentor to our clients! So today, we want to share our 5 best social media tips that can help you grow your business social media presence. Come take a look!

The 5 Best Social Media Tips to Help Your Business Succeed

1. Post often

Have you heard this one before? It’s kind of a no-brainer, but for good reason! Posting often tells the algorithms of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to show your content to your audience. Yes, you have control over when you hit publish, but they have methods designed to show your content to your followers based on your activeness on their app. They do this to encourage frequent use AND to give users the best experience with the accounts that are actually posting.

Posting often does not mean you have to post every single day, but if you can, why not? More of your content will be seen when you use the social media apps frequently.

Our best advice is to start out posting 3-5 times a week. Get into a regular habit of sharing regular feed posts, videos, polls, stories, and even re-shares. Then, when you’re comfortable with this amount, increase it up to 6-7 days per week. Watch your stats to see if this makes a difference and adjust accordingly.

2. Show your face

One of our favorite parts about social media is how it connects people. What better way to connect with others than to show your face and let them see who you are and you them?

Showing up on social media may seem scary at first, but the more you practice this, the better. Your followers, whether they are “strangers” or actual friends, will relate to you more when you are a real face to watch. You don’t have to talk for hours, but showing that you are a real human being behind the camera will make a difference with your engagement!

3. Ask questions

Social media is meant to be a social experience with engagement (hence our ability to leave comments, send messages, like content, and more.) In order to make the experience social, you have to ask questions and reply to answers!

You can create SO much content around a question. It can start as a caption, be written over a video, be asked in a question sticker, or even be verbally relayed in a story.

Question asking can be your best friend in the beginning when you also want to repurpose your audience’s feedback and reply to it. You can share a comment that is made, a message that came through, or even a sticker reply. This can spark more conversation, more views, and more engagement.

If you ever want to know what to ask, just google “questions to ask on social media”. Tons of lists will provide you with ideas on how to get the ball rolling with questions and content.

4. Stay on brand

Yes, we are the branding police and we highly encourage you to stay on brand with all of your social media content. Unless you started as a personal account and turned business, your business profiles should stay strictly business and fully branded to that name.

Branding is super important in social media because it’s how you are recognized and remembered! That one post, one video, one reel, or one meme could be the content that brings back hundreds of potential customers. Not to mention, it helps build your authority as a business.

5. Have fun!

This goes without saying, but if you aren’t having FUN with your social media posts, what are you even doing?? Social media should be fun and exciting, with opportunities potentially arising from every piece of content you share.

Whether a post leads to more business, making a connection with someone, the chance to collaborate with another business, or just puts a smile on your face and your followers, the FUN needs to be there in order for you to stay consistent.

When you begin creating content, keep this tip in mind and aim for 85% of your content to be fun and lively. If the majority of your content is unappealing, boring, or has a negative vibe to it, chances are that people will not stick around. Keep the FUN in your posts and your right audience will stay for the long term.

All we want is for you to feel like you can open your apps, show your face, be real, ask engaging questions, and represent your brand with authenticity so that your business succeeds.

Do you feel ready to tackle your social medias with confidence? We believe that these 5 tips will help you with that!

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