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The Importance of Cohesion When it Comes to Social Media

Cohesion; noun - the action or fact of forming a united whole

By this definition and post title, you can probably guess that we are talking about brand cohesiveness today! This is something we are hugely passionate about as brand experts, and furthermore can bet that you can recognize brands with quality brand cohesiveness over others. Let’s put it to the test.

What brand sells athletic wear, promotes positive encouragement for physical activity and athletics, and is worn by many professionals across a wide industry?

If you guessed Nike, you would be correct.

Let’s play again.

What brand sells fast-food, appeals to young and old audiences globally, and is known for fast, inexpensive beef, chicken, and potato options?

If you guessed McDonald’s, that is what we were going for!

Brand cohesiveness is a unique element to marketing because you can have a well defined brand but unless you’re using it across ALL platforms, it may not be considered cohesive.

Today, we’re going to focus on the importance of brand cohesion when it comes to social media and how this can impact your brand success. Since social media is such a huge factor in online marketing, this is why we’re going to explain what proper cohesiveness can do for your brand overall!

3 Reasons You Need Brand Cohesion in Your Social Medias

1. It Creates True Brand Identity

We mentioned Nike and McDonald’s above, two of the leading brands in the global market today. Are you familiar with their social media pages?

Not only do they both have an online presence with a large following, they are also unquestionably recognized because of their brand identity. People know exactly what their brands looks, sounds, and feels like. They’ve done an incredible job at brand cohesion!

What we love about brand identity is that it defines the expectation of the content for you. Whether you want to be bold, subtle, aggressive or quietly consistent, your brand identity can shine on your social medias based on your business model, vision, and practice.

Your brand identity should be representative in your bio, your profile image, your captions, stories, videos, and more. It should have all the elements of your brand infused, from your logo to your tone of voice to your audience, to your position on customer satisfaction. YOU can decide what you want your brand identity to be, but be consistent throughout all of your social medias for true brand cohesion.

2. It Increases Engagement

Everyone wants a ton of engagement on their social media content, right? It’s definitely a main goal! The higher your engagement percentages, the more the algorithms will boost your content and more people will see it. This goal is something to work on continually!

Having brand cohesion will allow for your content to better resonate with your audience. They will be familiar with, comfortable with, and expectant of what type of content you produce and stick around longer to engage when they relate. By knowing your target audience well and infusing your brand into your messaging, your engagement will increase and a community of followers will grow around you.

3. Helps Make Your Job Easier

Whether you personally manage your social media accounts or you have someone on your team in charge of it, the “job” of social media is a big one. From content creation, to engagement, collaborations, to outreach, it’s a lot of work to build a successful account!

But luckily, implementing brand cohesion, where your brand is infused in your messaging, visuals, comments, replies, etc., actually makes the job easier! Brand cohesion provides a blueprint for where the social media role should always be. As if your brand were one figurative person (even if it really is or represents a whole team), your social medias should follow your brand identity to its core, always representing the brand as ONE and not a mixed bag of different beliefs, stances, etc.

When done correctly, your brand should have a core persona of ideas, voice, imagery, beliefs, and messaging and therefore this “job” can be straightforward. We’re all for making things easier when you can, right?


Not only is brand cohesion something that will alleviate guesswork in your marketing plans, it will also help your audience to better understand your brand and be recognized (aka the main goal of social media!) By implementing your core persona online, we firmly believe that your messaging will be better received and you will see more success. Win-win!

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