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The ROI of Branding


You may have noticed, but one of our favorite things to talk about is branding. Your branding has literally everything to do with the success of your business, and quite honestly, the response you receive from everyone - your customers, your potential customers, and even those that become lost customers.

We preach the importance of branding for so many reasons; we are deeply passionate about helping female business owners find and identify with their branding to push them forward with all the right tools to be successful. We speak from experience too. Once we nailed down our branding, it became a staple to our success and continues to be what we are known for.

We want to educate any business owner on the importance of branding, but today we are going to focus on the ROI, or return on investment, for clear branding. Since every business should have their eyes on where they spend their money, we think this is a pretty important topic.

What You Get Back From Investing in Clearly Defined Branding

1. Clarity

The number one thing that branding provides you and your customers, clients, or contacts is clarity. This is because a well-defined brand leaves no questions unanswered. Who is this company? The brand name is there. What does this company do? The services or products are clearly embedded in the branding design. What type of quality can I expect from this company? The professional, pertinent details are continually displayed throughout all of the branded messaging and provides assurance of the quality repeatedly.

Clarity, or understanding, from your customers or leads is what you get back when you invest thoroughly in your branding because they don’t turn to you for follow-up questions on the basics. This is a significant return in the long run!

2. Consistency

If you could regularly predict the type of customer, client, or contact that would purchase, sign up, or contact you for the service or product you offer, wouldn’t that be incredible? Well defined branding gives you that! Your branding provides a direct target to the specific type of person who can most benefit from your product or service, and with that comes the same consistent people utilizing your business.

Consistency then provides you with predictability, which is a business owner's dream! Predictable customers equals predictable revenue or growth. We think this is a pretty big ROI that all business owners should strive to achieve.

3. Information

After your business has interaction with a customer or client, even so little as a phone call, an inquiry form, or a confirmation receipt, you gain information about them and their experience.

You learn whether they had a positive experience, liked the service or product, were dissatisfied, or even are not interested. Lack of engagement is information too!

So when it comes to your branding, a clearly defined brand produces information about your customers and can drive you to adjust your marketing as needed.

If your branding is being used to market through social media or paid advertising, the results of this marketing will provide you information on whether or not your branding is appropriately reaching your target demographic. More information allows you to make more guided business decisions.


When people want to talk about branding for their business, they are speaking our favorite language. Coming up with concepts and details to best describe and display your intended message is what we love to do most!

If you want to dial in your branding and start to see an immediate ROI, reach out and connect with us. We’d love to turn your business into a well-branded, rocking machine!


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