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Spring Into Action: A Marketing Guide

The bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, and the long, winter nights are farther and farther behind us. Spring has officially sprung and we are thrilled about it!

Similar to the start of the new year, we experience that “fresh season” feeling when it physically changes seasons outside as well as when our work seasons shift. While we’ve been in our grove of new year projects for about 3 months now, it still feels refreshing to hit a new quarter with renewed energy in hitting our goals.

Are you feeling positive about your efforts so far this year in your business? Or are you ready for a refresh to help kick things up? We are here to share our marketing experience and wisdom when it comes to doing a spring refresh and we think you’re going to be a fan of these tips!

Business marketing tips for Spring
How to Refresh Your Marketing this Spring

3 Ways to Give Your Business a Spring Refresh

1. Spruce Up Your Social Media

Social media is one of our favorite avenues to connect with our clients. Not only do we get to hear feedback and ideas from our followers, but we get to stay creative with the way we present new ideas, services, or even engagement opportunities.

But social media can be a full time job! And sometimes, you may not have the ability to dedicate all of your time to your social media profiles when you’re also running your business. In this case, you may have your social media running on autopilot with predictable content or even static posts that show you’re active, but are not getting much engagement. Does this sound familiar? 

We recommend doing a spring refresh on your social media to help your audience recognize that you are ALIVE and growing online. This doesn’t mean you have to entirely rebrand or reinvent your account (although you could do a massive overhaul if you want to!), but instead means that you should breathe some life back into your account with fresh content, original ideas, and lots of air time.

It is recommended that you engage on your social media profiles 3-5 times per week at minimum. If you’re looking to do a refresh, we recommend doubling that amount for 2-3 weeks straight to show the algorithms that you’re nice and active, which can lead to you showing up on more of your followers' feeds.

Then, we similarly recommend that you commit to a new post type for at least 3 weeks. If you’re typically just doing stories and regular feed posts or videos, change it up to posting reels or carousel posts. The variety in your posting type can also help you show up more for your followers and the payoff could include increased leads, networking opportunities, and / or high engagement percentage. 

2. Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Raise your hand if you have a current email campaign that you haven’t touched in a while? (Perhaps a Welcome Email series or New Newsletter Subscriber series?) Whoops! It’s probably time to update that and make sure it’s providing real value!

Email campaigns have such a powerful impact because they can be converting leads to customers while you’re sleeping. However, we recommend that you revisit your email campaigns at least once a quarter to understand if your goals are being met or missing the mark within your campaign strategy.

You can analyze a lot about your email campaigns from the backend by viewing your open rates, clicks rates, and even lead conversions. Don’t be afraid of the numbers or data because they can tell you so much, including where might be a pain point for your campaign.

3. Set Aside Time for Training / Education

We get it. You are BUSY. Running a business and maintaining a life outside of said business doesn’t leave a lot of time for personal growth. 

But how will you learn to grow your business or navigate business issues if you aren’t actively learning how? We strongly believe in making time for education and training to help us stay knowledgeable and up-to-date on current trends and processes within the marketing world. By doing so, we can usually catch a trend BEFORE it hits hard or we are prepared when a change within our industry affects our business. 

Training or education doesn’t have to be long, expensive, or time consuming (although taking courses or going to conferences can definitely have their value!). You can always follow or sign up for emails from educational resources for free and stay up to date on their content by setting aside time each quarter to read their emails or watch their videos. Luckily, there is TONS of information online that can be viewed as educational content and helpful to your specific niche.


If you’re ready to SPRING INTO ACTION with your business this Spring season, implement these 3 tips ASAP. You will easily notice an increase in your motivation to succeed which will more than likely lead to you reaching your goals sooner. 

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