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How a Fresh, New Look Can Improve Your Brand

Let’s go back to the day you had the idea to start your business. Maybe you were a young child dreaming of a future in a certain industry. Maybe you were with friends or family toying around with a unique or unconventional idea. Or maybe, you were working a position you didn’t love and knew you needed to make your own business doing something that would truly make you happy.

Back then, your brand may not have been at the forefront of your mind. But today, as you create, build, or grow your business, your branding must be front and center!

What is a brand? Your brand is the very essence of your product or service and the foundation behind your business. It’s the core of your messaging and often contains the inspiration that started it all!

But what does your brand represent? Typically, a brand represents the purpose or people who started the company. Additionally, it can represent your company culture, your voice, and your personality. 

Most importantly, the strength of your brand is directly correlated to the loyalty from your customers. If you want your customers to remember you, buy from you, sign up from you, or come back to you again, your branding has to be perfect!

We understand that many business owners start off with a low budget for branding. But if there’s any piece of advice that we swear by the most, it’s to implement a brand refresh or re-do as soon as you can. 

Give your brand a fresh, new look
Business Owners, Becca and Jenna, Recommend a Fresh, New Look for Your Brand

By investing in your branding, many things will naturally happen. Let’s discuss three of the top ways a rebrand can improve your brand. 

3 Results of Giving Your Business a New, Fresh Look

1. It Creates a “Buzz”

We’ve all been there, scrolling through social media when a page we follow, but rarely pay attention to, catches our eye. Whether it’s a striking new logo or a bold new image, we pause for a moment to see what it’s all about. 

In short, when a company successfully implements a rebrand, it often causes their audience to pause and check out the new appearance! When strategically paired with a “New Look” announcement, this marketing tactic can really reign customers in AND create a buzz.

A buzz is a great thing to create when it comes to your business and branding. People talking about your look and feel will start to spread, further increasing brand awareness and potential engagement. 

If you want to get people talking about your business or reacher a higher audience, consider a new look to do the job!

2. Confidence in Raising Prices

Your brand represents the quality of your product or service. When you implement a brand refresh, you’re demonstrating that all of your business has received an update and that tells your audience you are stronger and more powerful! This is an excellent time to raise your prices confidently, knowing that you have invested into your branding to better serve your audience. 

While raising your prices can seem scary (“What if my customers no longer want to buy from me?”) it can actually do the opposite! Your customers will recognize your value better when your prices reflect a higher quality. They will consider how much they need / want your product or service and weigh that with your branding you’ve displayed. Do you seem worth their time and money? If so, they will will be ready to invest in you!

3. Attract the Right Customers

We are always on the hunt for our ideal customers that are ready to invest and prepared to do the work. Unfortunately, many potential customers are not quite there yet, have yet to recognize the need, or simply can’t afford the investment. And that’s okay! 

A refresh or rebrand can attract customers even when they are not ready to commit to signing up or purchasing. They instead will remember the messaging, the pitch, and / or the opportunity and eventually this can lead to a conversion. 

As for brand new customers who never saw your old branding, consider a rebrand as the way to impress them from the start! Your rebrand will likely have better messaging, authenticity, and credibility, making an impression in their minds and leaving them wanting more. 

Rebranding isn’t just a quick fix or a few tweaks to your site or social media profiles. It’s a full overhaul of your business purpose and how that is displayed to best serve your target audience. 

Think it’s time to give your business a fresh, new look? We would LOVE to walk you through it! 

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