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How to Know When to Outsource Branding

WE LOVE BRANDING! We are not afraid to shout this from the rooftops because this is such a huge component to successful marketing. It happens to be our expertise as we’ve worked with hundreds of brands to help them develop solid, trendy, and vision-oriented brands that have elevated and excelled their business to new heights. Do you want to be one of them?

While we always enjoy working with new businesses, we also want to educate everyone out there on reasons why you should invest in branding, PLUS how to know when you need to seek and hire professionals in the branding field.

Have you been unsure if your existing brand or developing brand is working or going to work? Have you been struggling to understand what direction you want to take your business or you’re just starting out and want to start on the right foot? What about, have you asked yourself if YOU could recognize your clear messaging within your current branding or is it potentially unclear? We know how to guide you to answer all of these questions and more.

So without further ado, let’s dive into 3 ways to know if you need to outsource your branding to a professional branding and marketing expert team.

Is it Time to Outsource Your Branding? 3 Ways to Know

1. You don’t have a plan in place for your brand

We get it. You’re either just starting to get things rolling with your new business or perhaps you’ve been deep in the trenches for a few years, busy with all sorts of business elements with little to no time to focus on marketing. A plan is essential for developing your brand over time and reaching the goals you initial set out to reach. But what if you have no idea what that plan should be?

Our branding experience would tell you that having a plan for your brand WILL help both you and your target demographic understand your business. From knowing what products you hope to offer in the future, to providing a clear message on your business vision, goals, and purpose, a plan for your brand is the key.

What types of plans are normal for new, or just-starting-out businesses? We will explain.

  • We first recommend that all businesses have a plan for growth. If you know you want to start small, even at a local level, that’s great. But what about in 5 to 10 years? Where do you hope to be and WHO do you hope to reach within that time? Your branding should include those individuals too.

  • You should also have a plan for your reputation. This may seem like it can’t be predicted, but you should absolutely plan for the kind of reputation you want! If your reputation involves targeting stay-at-home-mom’s, build that into your brand and own it. If you think you may expand to an international market, but open to showcasing that in your branding.

  • And finally, make a plan that would involve your DREAM list of products and services and incorporate that into your branding. While you might not be able to offer everything right away, pretend you are in the big leagues and COULD. Make sure your branding reflects these big-time dreams.

2. You want to grow your business

If you are stuck at a point in your business that is either just getting by, barely making it, or at a plateau for several months, perhaps you’re ready to grow! Growth looks different for every business, but your reason to grow might have the most to do with what you want your role to look like.

Do you want to grow so you can actually work less and still receive benefits from owning your business? Do you want to grow so you can sell your business and cash in on the profits? What about wanting to grow so you can expand, franchise, or even afford new products and services? All of these are great reasons to want to grow and outsourcing your branding can help with this.

By outsourcing your branding, you are investing in your business to level up your messaging to your target audience. By leveling up, you are providing a platform for people to recognize that your value is higher and therefore be willing to spend more on your products or services. Additionally, a leveled-up brand, when executed by professionals in the marketing field, can take your existing brand and refresh it to look more elite, more competitive, and even more relatable. The help of branding experts to implement the top strategies in branding will yield these wanted results.

3. You are not reaching your goals

As business owners ourselves, we want to see you reach your goals more than anything. Unfortunately, a brand that is not fully developed or only addressed once at the beginning will not often support big-time goals.

If your goal is to make more money with your business, high-quality branding is necessary. If your goal is to reach a bigger audience, your branding needs to be on-point, targeted precisely, and relatable to your target demographic. If your goal is to be able to hire more staff, take more vacations, or expand your business, know that elevating your branding is a sure-fire way to ensure these goals are met because branding experts will know how to adjust your current brand to exceed its current level and bring in more revenue to you.

Through proper design, layout, color-coding, copywriting, SEO, and even social media campaigns, the branding efforts you make will exceed your investment and transform your business to a reputable, recognizable brand that competes in the big leagues.

BONUS: You feel overwhelmed

Hi. It’s 2023. Who isn’t overwhelmed? (We’re kind of joking here, but the overwhelm is real, right?) We firmly believe that if you are feeling overwhelmed with marketing your business and making decisions to set you apart, remain competitive, or grow the way you want, outsourcing your branding and marketing needs is ESSENTIAL. By doing so, you can focus on other business elements that can also benefit you long-term, AND watch your business be elevated to the next level.

If there was one piece of advice we would give to anyone starting a business (or even business owners in general) it would be to let the experts do what they do best and transform your business with quality, knowledge-based branding! It really can make the world of difference.

You know who your branding girls are, right? It’s us! Schedule a consult so we can talk about your brand and how to get you where you want to be.

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