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How to Grow Your Brand & Business in The Creative Club

Yes, the rumors are true! We made a CLUB! A very fun, very unique, and very professional club that is all about helping YOU grow your brand and business. Have you heard about it? You do NOT want to miss out!

Unlike The Babysitters Club, we’re not trading secrets or braiding hair. Instead, this club is all about collaborating on all things business marketing, branding, and growth. We are loving the opportunity this club brings to work side-by-side with other female business owners, share our marketing and branding wisdom, and apply it to their businesses. But what exactly does this look like?

Members of The Creative Club get the following benefits:

  • Full service design for things like flyers, welcome guides, service lists, etc.

  • Copywriting of online content to help you rank for relatable keywords, further driving traffic to your website (think blog or expanded site content)

  • Email and newsletter copy that help keep you connected to your audience and clients (including helpful tips, education, promotion details, or campaign information to increase sales)

  • Social media strategy support (including post plan suggestions, design, and captioning)

  • Help with any digital or print needs for growing your business

Could you imagine having a go-to marketing team in your back pocket that you could strategize and collaborate with, and benefit from their wisdom to execute on necessary and exciting marketing projects?

So let’s paint a scenario where you - the rockstar business owner that you are, could use your Creative Club benefits.

Let’s say that you are approaching the launch of a new product and have a launch day planned. You know that you want your audience to hear about, prepare for, and be ready to purchase your new product on the first day it becomes available. What marketing strategies would be helpful in getting the right information into your customers hands?

We’d recommend…

  • A series of new product launch emails, getting your audience primed and ready for it’s availability

  • Social media posts teasing and introducing your product before, during, and after launch day

  • Blog content on your website that thoroughly explains your new product, why it is what your customer needs, and why it is superior to other competitors, optimized for relevant keywords and stylish to boot!

  • Marketing materials (flyers, guides, stationery, brochures, etc.) to have on-hand for customers who visit your store in person or digital versions for your online presence!

These are just a few starting ideas!

If you don’t already have a marketing director or person with design and copy skills, who would be able to work with you to make all of these tasks happen?

We have a simple answer for you: US!

The Creative Club was built exactly for this reason so that you can have access to a marketing and branding team that knows how to cohesively bring together all of your business elements to create the ultimate marketing pitch. Together, we can work together to build your marketing emails, produce your social media posts, write your blog content, and design your marketing materials with YOUR business leadership at the helm. We bring our expertise as the marketing and branding gurus, and you advise and detail what you want to see happen or explained. Doesn’t this glorious marketing marriage sound so romantic?

And it doesn’t have to be just on big product launches! If you are in real estate, event planning, the beauty industry, interior design, weddings, or any other type of service and want to expand your business or you have regular marketing needs, The Creative Club is still for you. We can help you develop a more robust brand and marketing strategy through everyday communications with your clients or customers and you will see an immediate return on your investment, especially as this allows you to focus on other areas of your business that you need to run.

We believe that teamwork makes the dream work, and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to The Creative Club. Your input and decision making is invaluable as the leader of your business/company. We can simply provide professional design, brand and copy support so that you can focus on other parts of your business.

If you’re wondering how we would collaborate on these various projects, rest assured that through email, a monthly call, or even video chats, we can map out, make plans, brainstorm, and discuss your project needs all while remaining on the same page.

After coming up with a plan for what you need done each month, we will map out the topics, visuals, and even publish dates for your different projects and provide final copies or files at the agreed upon time. Making your life easier and your business stronger is our main goal and purpose!

Members of The Creative Club are utilizing our expertise and skills monthly and seeing immediate positive results from it. What are you waiting for?

Join The Creative Club NOW and watch your brand and business soar!

The Details:

  • Requires a 6 or 12 month commitment

  • Costs $395 per month

  • Includes four hours of design / copy work per month

  • Discounted hourly rate of $95/hour (regularly $135/hour) for additional hours needed


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