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New Year, New Brand?

Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet

2024 is here, people! Can you believe it? We absolutely love the new year and a chance to start fresh on goals, projects, and opportunities. Even if you don’t have a plan for 2024 yet, you can still look forward to the new year with excitement! Wanna know why? Because it could be your BEST. YEAR. YET.

More than just a new year with a new outlook is the opportunity to progress and expand your business. Doesn’t everyone want to see their business be even more successful?

It is that mindset that makes us think of this quote:

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” —J.P. Morgan

If you know you want your business to be even more successful, that means you can’t stay exactly where you are with your business. It’s time to elevate your plans, your goals, and of course, your BRAND!

As branding and marketing experts, we believe wholeheartedly in appropriate rebrands that can change the course of your business for the better. When executed properly, they can be the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue AND an entirely new target demographic that better fits your goals and vision. Does that sound enticing to you?

If this is something you are hoping for in 2024, sit back and read up on a few reasons why a rebrand should definitely be in your plans for the new year. 

Reasons You Should Consider a Rebrand This Year

1. Your Visual Brand is Outdated

So it’s basically 2024 and what does that mean visually? Well, turns out that graphics, design, and trends have changed over the last few years! Technology is impressively growing to new heights, making visuals and branding even more advanced. Was your brand established years ago? Does it look like it doesn’t belong in this decade?

People and customers are often aware of current trends and in the least, what looks modern and relevant. You would be wise to consider a rebrand if your visuals and branding look like they are behind a few years. If you elevate your branding to be more trendy, on point, and modernized, you could attract a whole new target audience!

This does not mean you have to give up your entire look, feel, or the originality of your brand. With the right help (Hi! We’d love to help!) you can merge your old look with a new, sophisticated one. It can be SO fun to see your brand get a little makeover.

2. You’re Losing Relevance 

Similar to an outdated look, if you might be losing relevance because your competition is stepping up their game and staying current. If they are changing, and you are not, can you see how you might be losing out on potential customers, clients, or new followers?

Relevance is relative to your market, absolutely. However, a rebrand can reestablish your identity in the current market and help you reach a new audience. When you appear fresh on the scene with more current branding, customers or clients will look at you as the new student in class, the fresh meat, or the hottest new thing. This can help them to trust you because they will understand that you are up to date on the latest products, services, etc. 

Rebranding does not mean you have to throw out your original values or mission for your business. It simply means that you can tailor your business to what the current market views as valuable, helpful, and unique. 

3. Your Target Audience is Not Well Defined 

There is tons of helpful business advice out there, but one of our favorites is “Know your customer.” Do you know your customer really well, like REALLY well? While there are tons of ways to get to know your audience and potential customers, we hope you consider a few of these to help you then define your target audience even better!

  • Reach out to current customers and ask them product purchasing questions (“What do you use X product for?” “What makes you return to my store for more?” etc.)

  • Study their habits, personality, and personal details via analytics (age, gender, hobbies, jobs, personal preferences, etc.)

  • Review your competitors (who is following them, who talks about them, who is loyal to them)

  • Conduct surveys (either via forms sent out via newsletter, social media polls, etc.)

If your target audience is not well defined, you could be shooting your marketing and branding to the wrong individuals, wasting time and effort on those who are not interested in your product or service.

Furthermore, by having a well-defined target audience, even if that means less followers, subscribers, etc., your conversion rates are often higher, resulting in higher sales and revenue for you! A rebrand is an excellent way to hone in on your target audience and more accurately market to the right people. 

A new year, a new brand. Is that what is in store for you in 2024? We fully support that if it is! 

Peanut Butter Creative would LOVE to help you through the rebranding process to then allow you to raise your prices, establish a better footing in your niche, and be even more successful. Reach out to us if you want to learn more! 

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