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How to Position Yourself as a Luxury Service Provider

The term “luxury” is one of our favorite words. Why might you ask? Because it feels so luxurious to say! Not to mention, it gives us that incredibly relaxing feeling of a day at the spa wrapped in a comfy robe. Wouldn’t you agree? ;)

In all seriousness, we believe that businesses can be luxurious in what they offer and how they offer it. By positioning yourself as a luxury service provider, you can help set yourself apart from the competition AND have deservingly higher pricing. We also happen to believe this is what Peanut Butter Creative is made of and what you can make of your business too!

But what does it mean to be a “luxury service provider”? Or better yet, how can you turn your business into one? We are sharing our 3 pieces of advice for becoming a luxury service provider in branding and marketing. But lucky for you, this advice can be applied to any business.

3 Ways to Demonstrate That You Are a Luxury Service Provider

1. Focus on Quality

This may be obvious, but the quality of your service or products will determine whether or not others perceive you as luxury. Your product or service has to reign supreme over all your competition and be as elite as they come. From functionality, to design, convenience, to uniqueness, quality matters most.

Some business owners think that quantity matters most in offering variety, options, and diversity to appeal to all of their clients or customers. In reality, luxury service providers offer LESS options, but what they do offer is spot-on to what their customers want.

Sometimes this means doing advanced market research, combining products or services into one more quality option, and / or removing less attractive options from your offer menu. Don’t be afraid to really identify your BEST products/services so that what you do offer is the best of the best.

2. Demonstrate Expertise in Your Niche

Expertise speaks volumes when it comes to luxury. If a business is ran and operated by professionals with advanced credentials, this will set them apart. If a business has backed research, years of experience, and / or a resume filled with evidence of niche understanding, it will naturally be considered a luxury service provider by mere comparison to lower-ranked or lower-experienced competitors.

A way to demonstrate your expertise in your niche is to detail your experience on your website. In your “About” section, showcase your expertise by writing out what brought you to where you are. List out the opportunities, setbacks, classes, credentials, and / or other business ventures that contributed to your success and put you in your current position. With humility, demonstrate that you’ve worked over time to understand your niche in great detail to best serve your clients or customers.

Another opportunity to showcase your expertise is by highlighting reviews of your business. Other people’s positive opinions and reviews of your business are a demonstration of your business satisfying a need or want for a client or customer, which in turn is demonstrating your expertise.

3. Offer Something Exclusive

Exclusivity is something everyone wants, whether that is exclusive content, exclusive access, or exclusive pricing. By offering something exclusive, you are positioning yourself as a luxury service provider and telling your clients and customers that they deserve something unique.

We love using this approach with new products or services. When something is “new”, it can be considered exclusive, especially when paired with strategic promotions that offer something unique and extra valuable to your audience. If you have developed a new product or service and want to launch it to your target audience, consider advertising it as “exclusive” in length of time available, pricing, bonus offers, etc. This can help give that added value and exclusivity that will set you apart from the competition.


With these 3 elements in mind, you are ready to turn your business into a luxury service provider. As you do this, you will be able to increase your pricing and reach a higher paying audience. Isn’t that awesome?

We have implemented these tactics multiple times since the origin of Peanut Butter Creative, and one thing is for certain: we know how to help businesses elevate their marketing and branding to appear more luxurious and target the right customers or clients.

Interested in learning more about what we do? Schedule a complimentary chat with us!

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