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The Best Branding Tools for Your Business

Imagine for a moment what it was like for business owners 50 years ago. The incredible tools and resources available to us today were not even an idea yet. They had to think up, brainstorm, design, and execute projects manually OR with extreme measures to get their ideas effectively marketed. Sounds like torture to us!

While we bow down to those that came before us, we are absolutely grateful for the amazing resources that exist today to help all business owners be successful when it comes to marketing. We’ve tried out our fair share and have found many that have aided in our success, so we thought we would share them with you today!

Before diving into some of our top recommended tools, let us first note that we are not a normal business with one single objective. We have a diverse batch of services and a wide range of expertise.

But that being said, whether you are targeting one specific demographic or many with your various offerings, these three recommendations are ideal for any business in today’s evolving digital world. We hope you agree after trying them out!

Our Top 3 Favorite Branding Tools for Businesses

Confession: We love playing with color palettes! It’s addicting to see which colors work best together and this is incredibly useful for brand design! It’s important to create a visually appealing and complimentary color palette for your brand. It’s even more important to be consistent once you decide on a palette!

The Sessions Color Calculator has been a useful tool for us in creating not only stand-out logos and branding for our clients, but for opening our eyes to the world of color that exists both digitally and in print form. We continually find that colors we thought wouldn’t work together or maybe we love at first are not as complimentary as we think OR blend with other colors we had not thought of.

This useful tool takes the guesswork out of color matching and simply provides a breakdown in the color wheel of which colors work best and could create a gorgeous palette to work with. We highly recommend!

P.S. We love the “harmonious color combination” verbiage because it is so visual to us. You truly want harmony between your brand colors so that your customers or clients feel peace and comfort when seeing your brand!

Maybe it’s just us, but we regularly need to edit, tweak, or crop a photo or graphic to work within our marketing designs or branding for a client. This resource has come in clutch for us on countless occasions and is easy to use, delivers quality files, and is FREE.

Just like the website suggests, IrfanView is “simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.” We love that we can use it at a professional level and recommend it to our clients. Give it a try if you haven’t already!

One of the hardest realities of our day is that we have instant access to a camera phone that we could snap the perfect photo with, however we rarely have the backdrop, props, perfect lighting, products, or details on hand!

This is where stock photos come in. We love to use quality stock photos when a brand photoshoot hasn’t been conducted yet and Pexels provides the best FREE options. We love how there is a deep library of quality photography with diverse representation and editing. We also love that we can view popular searches, videos, and even the contributor leaderboard.

If you find yourself in need of stock photos for whatever reason, check out Pexels because it likely has multiple photo or video options that could fit your need!

We wish we could sit and chat about branding tools all day! We love finding new options for making our lives easier with our own brand and of course sharing our favorites with the clients we get to work with.

Do you have any favorite branding tools? We’d love to know!

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