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How Client Testimonials Can Improve Your Brand

Does your social media, website, or listing have a place for clients, customers, or patients to leave a review? Is it easy to find and convenient to fill out? If you’ve answered “no” to either of these questions, it’s time to get your testimonial system in check! Client testimonials, reviews, or feedback (whatever you want to call them) are all incredibly valuable to your brand.

Let’s discuss just how important they are for a minute!

Why Are Client Testimonials Important For Your Brand

Most of us like to eat good food, right? If we dine out (or order in), we will typically choose a restaurant that we KNOW will be good. More often than not, we’ll hear from a trusted source that a restaurant is really delicious, has good service, or is well-priced, and that influences our choice to eat there, right?

This is exactly how it works with your brand - regardless of if you’re in food services or not! When positive reviews are left on your website, social media, or business listing, other potential customers or clients are influenced, potentially leading to more business for you.

Not only does a positive review influence potential clients or customers, it also tells search engines, like Google, that you are a reputable source and this leads to higher rankings. Higher rankings = more exposure. Reviews are incredibly helpful in so many ways!

3 Ways Client Testimonials Improve Your Business

So we’ve established that client testimonials create the ability to influence potential customers, clients, etc. Now let’s discuss what that does to your actual business.

1. They demonstrate what is working

One of the best aspects of a client review is how it highlights what IS working in your business. Whether that’s friendly customer service, communication, promised deliverables, or products, positive reviews point out the well-working aspects of your business. This, in turn, tells YOU to continue providing this same level of service or quality to your clients or customers.

On the flip side, if a negative review comes through, this tells you what is NOT working (or what should be improved). It’s important to address all negative feedback and work to avoid it in the future.

2. They decrease marketing costs

Since the ability to leave a client testimonial or review is a free service, this decreases your marketing costs in other areas, using the client review as free advertising for your brand or business. When possible, re-publish any client testimonials or reviews on your various platforms to demonstrate credibility and trust others have in you.

3. They boost business morale

A pat on the back feels good! A little love note touches your heart! A nice compliment gives you a pep in your step! This simple aspect can make a big difference in a growing brand, business, or company. When you are praised for your work, product, or service, this helps you want to continue impacting others with that same energy.

Client testimonials or reviews are a fantastic way to improve your business. If you don’t yet have a system in place for customers or clients to leave a review, consider implementing one right away. Your brand will thank you for it!



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