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A Mother's Day Tribute to Working Moms

The late nights. The juggled phone calls. The mental to-do list that builds and builds for both your job and the kids. There’s truly nothing quite like the attempted balance of a working mother.

But before we go any further, we must make it known that we think ALL MOTHERS, of any choice for working or staying home with their babies, are a special kind of unicorn unlike anything or anyone.

We’ve been both - the working mamas and the stay-at-home mamas and we’ve loved and cherished each season. Whether you’re working now, staying home to raise babies, or doing both simultaneously, know that we acknowledge your position and think the world of you. You are a WARRIOR!

Society has put a value on motherhood for years, and in more recent years, we’ve seen that value shift and change to accommodate societal pressures and trends. What we hope always stays around is that it’s your choice to do what’s best for you and your family. Your friends, family, employer, or doctor can’t tell you one way or the other. Finding what works for you and the well-being of yourself and your family members is what is most important.

While we could talk about what motherhood means to us or how society views motherhood all day, we want to take the time today to shout out our admiration for working mamas in a special three-part tribute. Grab your cup of coffee, cozy up, and take in these words because they were meant for you to read!

3 Reasons Working Mamas Are Incredible

1. Their Time Management Skills Are Unmatched

Give me a mama with a deadline approaching and a soccer game to leave for in 45 minutes and I will bow at her feet. Working mamas understand that a chunk of available time for one task or another means they might not get another chance. They work in intervals (often) and can get a lot done in a short amount of time, especially if under pressure. We admire this about working mamas especially, but know that A LOT of women have incredible time management skills.

From juggling work deadlines to managing practices, meal prep, and doctors appointments, we cannot get enough of a working mama and her time management amazingness!

2. They Appreciate Others in A Unique and Powerful Way

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It takes a village,” but it most certainly takes a village (or two or three) in the life of a working mama. The appreciation most working mamas feel for their village is a true, deep and meaningful appreciation because it comes not only with, “You helped me with x, y, z when I needed it most,” but also “I know I will need the help again and you will be there for me then too.”

We are so blessed to have many people in our life who help us, lift us, encourage us, and stand beside us through the throws of motherhood plus work life, but it doesn’t make us any less grateful each and every time someone is there. From childcare to teachers, coaches to tutors, and from Amazon to grocery store delivery, the support for a working mom is endless and the appreciation is immeasurable.

3. They Know What Matters Most to Them

This may seem simple, like everyone knows what matters most. But from what we’ve witnessed, it’s not the same as a working mother knowing her career AND her family hold special places in her heart. While some mamas have to work, and others choose to work, their heart understands the sacrifice and prioritizes what is most important each and every day.

Sometimes it is the work project, meeting, or phone call. Sometimes it's the school play, the sick child, or the play date. But either way it goes, mama makes the judgment call in the moment to put her efforts or time where it’s most needed for that moment, not forgetting who matters most at the end of the day. Working mamas can choose work over family sometimes and that is okay. They also can see when that is necessary and make up for the time or event with family at a later time.

In case it wasn’t obvious, we are pretty obsessed with moms of all shapes, sizes, careers, or family styles. We know that no two mothers are the same, and that’s what makes us all have something in common! That we hold the title of mother proudly and we do what we need to for our families in our own unique way.

Tell a working mother how great you think they are today. Tell her she is doing amazing, looks amazing, and inspires you. It will mean the world to her just as you mean the world to us!


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