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A Peek into Our Logo Design Process

Most new business owners have never been part of a logo design process before and starting such an important project can seem a little daunting. We always give an overview of what our process looks like to each new client that approaches us but for those of you who are considering working with us, here is a breakdown of each step we go through!

Step 1. Contract review, 50% retainer payment and logo questionnaire. We will prepare and send over a contract specific to your project and an invoice for your retainer, which is typically 50% of the total project cost. We will also send a link to complete our logo questionnaire which asks for your input on things like colors and inspiration images. With the completed questionnaire, we aim to get a complete idea of your vision for the look and feel of your branding.

Example: Melanie came to us needing an updated logo for her event planning business, Kimberly Rose Events. On her logo questionnaire, she described her ideal final logo as being, "Light, delicate, luxe, fabulous, feminine, soft, flowy, and polished". Melanie is the sweetest, award winning event planner who does an incredible job and we were so excited to work with her!

Step 2. Initial designs. We design and present four logos to you based on your logo questionnaire and other conversations we've had with you. We try to give you four distinctly different options unless you have a very clear cut idea of what you'd like your logo to look like.

Example: We provide Melanie with the following four designs based on her questionnaire and logo requests.

Step 3. Feedback and updated designs. We listen to your thoughts, feedback, changes and requests to the initial designs we created for you and head back to the drawing board to implement them. Sometimes, this step is skipped because the client is really happy with one of the initial designs but we always anticipate a revision phase as we want to ensure our clients are 100% happy with their logo!

Example: Melanie really liked the first design and also favored the watercolor elements in the remaining designs. She didn't love the font choices so we knew we had to go back to the drawing board in that respect. We could also tell that she liked the circular options better overall so we included all circular and watercolor versions in the next round.

Step 4. Updated designs and additional revisions. We continue to provide updated designs and implement your feedback until you reach that 100% satisfied stage. We offer unlimited revisions until you ask us to finalize your logos and will go through as many rounds as it takes to get you there!

Example: Melanie loved option 1 from this last round but wanted to see the logo with the watercolor elements tucket within the gray borders. When we presented this option, Melanie told us it was perfect which is our cue to go ahead and create the logo board!

Step 5. Logo board review. Once you're happy with your main logo, we will provide a logo board that includes a coordinating logo variation in an alternate color or orientation to give your logo package some additional dimension. We also create a logo submark which is a smaller version of your logo that typically includes your company's initials or no text at all and is simply iconic. Your submark is intended to be used in small spaces, like social media profile photos, where text is usually hard to read. Your logo board will also include your color palette and font choices.

Example: Here is the logo board we presented to Melanie. She didn't have any changes to these elements though sometimes clients do which is totally fine! In Melanie's case, we moved from this step on to finalizing her logos!

Step 6. Balance payment and logo finalization. Once you've indicated you are happy with your final logo and logo board, we will have you pay your balance with us and we'll beginning finalizing all of your files. We provide high resolution JPG images, PNG images (which have a transparent background) and EPS versions, which are vectors and will be needed if you intend to have your logo printed on promotional items.

That's it! From start to finish, our logo design process usually takes around two weeks or less and is dependent on our current workload but also on how quickly the client returns feedback. We love creating logos for new and seasoned business owners alike - there's something so special about being part of this fresh and creative process that we are just obsessed with!

Happy business building!



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