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All About Becca!

In honor of Becca's birthday weekend, it's her turn to finish a few sentences to share more about her with you all! Becca is the most generous, kind and helpful person in the entire world and I feel so lucky to have her as my sister and business partner!

Name​ and ​birth date: ​ Becca Marie / February 16th, 1990

Nicknames: Becs, Beckylou ​

The best birthday I've ever had was: ​My 9th birthday. All of my friends had parties at this really pretty tea house but it was pretty pricey and we couldn't quite swing it. So, my mom found vintage dresses at our local flea market, made four different kinds of tea, tea sandwiches and pastries and put lace table cloths all over our house. My friends and I dressed up in the vintage outfits, drank tea and had the best time. I will remember it forever!

I am secretly terrified of: Chairlifts

I could eat this for every meal for the rest of my life: Butternut squash ravioli​

My favorite style icon is:​ Lauren Conrad

If ​I wasn't a designer/marketer, ​I would probably: Stage model homes

My perfect day goes like this: Waking up early, getting a latte in a real mug from my favorite coffee shop, having a spa day or going shopping with my sister and then exploring a new restaurant with my hubs.

Most people would be surprised to learn I’ve never​: Been into skiing. It seems like a given growing up in Colorado but I didn't learn as a kid and now it just seems like such a hassle (see also: secret fear above).

I am most relaxed when: I'm traveling with my husband. I love being in a new place, with an open schedule and plenty of time for adventure!

For me, the best thing about being a business owner is: Having a flexible schedule - being able to work at night or on weekends, whenever inspiration strikes. ​

The best advice I've ever gotten was: Do whatever you want to do (from my dad). He has always told us that we could do or be anything we wanted and instilled in me from a young age the importance of truly deciding what you want to do (daily, annually, and in a lifetime) and just going for it. Happy birthday, Becca! I hope you feel celebrated, I am so proud of you and am so thankful for all that you do for me and this little business of ours!


Your Lil Sis


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