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Branded in Memory - A Study by

We recently came across an experiment conducted by last summer where they had 156 people hand draw 10 famous logos. The objective was to get a sense for what was most memorable about logos in general and if the brand associations that companies work very hard to create, really do stick. The findings were so interesting so we wanted to share the study with you along with our thoughts and conclusions.

Here are a few of the logos that were selected to be remembered and drawn. You can see the full study and the rest of the 10 logos here: - Branded in Memory


Target's logo was one of the most easily remembered, probably because of it's simplicity in both the icon and color scheme.


This logo was in the middle of the road for most/least remembered. It has a simple color scheme but has had several variations over time making it tough to remember the most current look.


Starbucks had the trickiest logo for people to remember and draw correctly. Along with other logos in the experiment that contained a "person", the additional detail seemed to trip people up.

Additional findings:

- Color was the most remembered aspect of any of the logos.

- Men and women performed at the same level, regardless of the logo, showing neither sex to be more or less observant when it comes to branding.

- Engagement level with the brand (whether the subjects shopped at one of the retailers or not), had no effect in their ability to remember the logo.

- The younger study participants had a better recollection of a brand's current logo than older participants.

Our conclusions + suggestions:

- Keep your logo and branding simple. Stick to a color scheme with three colors or less - your color scheme is likely what people will remember most about your look!

- Adding in complex details will likely reduce the level at which people, even your most loyal customers, will remember your logo.

- Rebrand thoughtfully. Changing your logo dramatically could greatly reduce the level at which your audience recognizes your branding.

- Think of your target market constantly throughout your branding process. Consider that while a simpler logo is easier for everyone to remember, it may become even more necessary if you are marketing towards the older generation.

What did you find most interesting about this study? Tell us below! And, as always, let us know if we can ever help with your branding needs :)

Happy Brand Building!



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