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Creating an Emotional Connection Through your Brand

We posted one of our favorite quotes recently on our Instagram page that says:

Seth Godin, a best selling author and speaker, is right on the money in our opinions. When you create an emotional connection with someone, you set the stage for trust and empathy to build. People who trust you feel confident in hiring you and/or purchasing your products which obviously leads to overall business success but it also gives you something more - enriching connections and friendships.

So how do you create that initial emotional connection? We suggest doing so in two ways:

Step 1. Most important - be a real person. Share about things you like, vacations you take, hobbies you have. Create points of connection through your day-to-day activities that are relatable to others so that when you share you've had a busy day and are winding down with a glass of wine, others will say, "OMG me too!" These connection points help your customers feel like they know you, which is the first step in building trust with your audience. We love sharing about the peanut buttery treats we indulge in (more frequently than we probably should!) and it's even better when our clients and friends tag us in photos or send us articles about our all time favorite food showing that they heard us, thought of us and maybe even share in our obsession :)

Step 2. Listen to and interact with your customers. As you're creating your connection points with your audience (i.e. potential customers), you'll start to receive responses like the aforementioned "OMG me too!" and the worst thing you can do is ignore them! Interacting with those who hear you is the next step in establishing an emotional connection and relationship with your potential customers that will lead them into being paying clients. As I'm sure you've heard, no relationship can be a one way street so you need to put in the work to further your relationship with your potential clients to truly establish that connection.

We really love serving our clients and it's been even better that so many of our clients have become friends and supporters of ours as well! Making the decision to treat our clients the same way we would friends of ours has been very beneficial for us, both in a business sense and because we truly love connecting with others on a personal level. Hopefully the decision proves helpful for you as well!

Happy brand building!



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