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Markets are saturated. It’s been done before. You don’t have a unique idea. You are good at a lot of things but not great at any one thing... who’s heard these things before? Or, who has spoken them to themselves? 😳

Usually, we tell ourselves things like that ⬆️ out of fear. Fear that we will fail... actually, fear that others will see us fail, and that’s embarrassing. Or fear that we will succeed and we don’t feel prepared for that.

We’ve had to laugh it off and shake ourselves out of funks many times, it’s just part of the game. And, here’s what we’ll say to you: you only need TWO things, faith and headphones. 🎧

Faith that everything will work out just as intended, despite valleys along the way. Faith that your belief in yourself means something. Nobody can communicate the way YOU do. Nobody has the special talents, style and perspective YOU do.

⭐️ Nobody has your exact map of magic, the world needs what only YOU can offer ⭐️

Oh, and you’ll need the headphones to drown out all that other noise. Put them on and let’s get to it!! 😘


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