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How to Fund Your Business When You Have No Money

Wouldn’t it be nice if money grew on trees? We sure wish it did! The reality of owning a business and needing money to build it is something we sometimes wish we didn’t have to worry about. We just want to be creative, help others, and support our families. That’s not too much to ask, right?

If you’ve had similar feelings, or even financial struggles in starting or growing your business, you are not alone. We often hear from clients that stretching their savings, earning enough to support their current costs, and especially attempting to grow is what keeps them up at night. It is HARD!

On the flip side, we preach (and fully believe) that in order to grow your business, you have to invest in it. So where can you get the money to invest if you don’t have any?

While every business situation is different and the amount varies for everyone, we do feel like we can educate you on some options to help you calmly and realistically consider financial investments to grow your business the right way (and receive that ROI as quickly as possible!)

So let’s dive into options that in most cases, allow for small businesses with little to no money to fund their business and grow.

3 Ways to Get Money to Fund Business Investments & Help You Grow

1. Paypal Credit

Paypal, the payment processor for sending and receiving money, also offers a digital line of credit option for its customers. Essentially, this option allows you to “buy now, pay later” slightly differently than a credit card and with an emphasis on helping businesses.

“Operating as a digital line of credit for eCommerce businesses, PayPal Credit extends its credit services through a partnership with Synchrony Bank. The focus of PayPal Credit is for purchasing goods and services from digital retailers.” - Payment Cloud

In the event that you are looking to expand, invest, or cover costs for your growing business, this is an excellent option with many safe benefits.

Included in the “Pro’s” list from Payment Cloud are the following:

  • Six-month interest-free period for purchases over $99

  • Accepted by millions of merchants around the world

  • Quick application process and simple customer checkout

  • Helps shoppers build their personal credit scores

  • A recognizable brand creating consumer trust in your business

While every credit opportunity should be evaluated (such as reviewing interest rates, terms, etc.) this is an option we highly recommend considering!

2. Business Loans

Before you click away, hear us out! MANY small businesses have to use business loans to fund their business. This is definitely NORMAL. A business loan can help get you off the ground, can support your initial expenses until you start bringing in profit, and can even assist with renovations or building costs when needed.

A business loan is something you should consider when looking to invest or grow your business and can easily be obtained when you can prove that your earnings with that loan will generate a return. Business loan officers (typically banks) are able to access your business financials to determine if you meet the criteria for a business loan.

Wondering if you can receive a loan for a certain expense you’re trying to fund? Give your local bank a call! It’s definitely worth doing some research to determine who you would like to receive a loan from (not all banks run their loans the same). However, this is certainly a great option for funding your business expenses.

Often, but not always, credit unions have supportive rates for all loan types. Make sure to look into a credit union as part of your research efforts.

3. Investors

Do you picture someone in a fancy suit with a briefcase whenever you hear that word? (Just us?) While this visual might sometimes be true, it’s definitely not the case all the time. Investors can come in all shapes and sizes and can even be someone you personally know. Investors are a great option for funding your business when evaluated appropriately.

So how does someone find an investor for their business? There are several resources that explain how to find various investors, but to start, we recommend beginning with friends and family. If you feel comfortable addressing and pitching your business goals and needs to someone with available resources in your close network, you should try! It may just be exactly what you need to move forward.

Keep in mind that friends and family do not necessarily mean free donations. Expect, or even present, a suitable arrangement for paying back the investment with interest.

Secondly, consider an Angel Investor. There are websites with lists and directories that you can browse to determine if they might be interested or a good fit for your business. Here are 3 options to start off:

Angel Capital Association: Angel investors listed by state

Angel Investment Network: Connecting entrepreneurs with Angel investors

Pipeline Angels: Helping women-owned businesses with funding

BONUS: Business Grants

Did you know that there are thousands of active business grants being awarded annually specifically to small business, women-owned businesses, and more? It’s incredible the amount of opportunities out there to support growing businesses!

Take a few minutes to search online for a business grant specific to your niche or specialty. We are nearly certain there is a grant out there you could apply to that could result in $5,000, $10,000, or even more completely free to you! The applications are typically brief and the process is straightforward. This could be the solution that transforms your business!

Whether you’re wanting to buy more inventory, hire more staff, or invest in quality branding or marketing to appeal to a higher payer audience (Hi! That’s where we can help!), these business funding options could be the difference-maker for you.

Money isn’t going to grow on trees any time soon, but we can bet you will find a solution to reach your goals and become the business you want to be (and maybe even pay it forward in the future!)

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