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How to Feel Successful Running a Business

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. From organizing, investing, managing, and planning, to late nights, constant worrying, and staffing, there are so many elements to the game of business ownership.

But of course there are several benefits to starting your own business, which is why so many people do it. Does starting your own business automatically make you feel happier than working for someone else? Absolutely not. But there is an emotional attachment to this process and it’s one we want to talk about today.

Feeling successful is something we all want, but it is not guaranteed in business ownership. Let’s talk about how to FEEL successful running a business, regardless of where the business currently stands. You will undoubtedly experience highs and lows, but it is possible to FEEL successful regardless of those ups and downs.

3 Tips for Feeling Successful in Business Ownership

There are countless tips and suggestions out there telling individuals exactly how they can make their business successful. However this list is focused on helping you FEEL successful at any phase of business development because your emotions have a huge impact on how you run your business!

1. Pause and Take It All In

You are doing it. You are really doing it and while not everything is likely perfect, you’re making something amazing and it’s incredibly impressive. Pause and take in the fact that you are making a major sacrifice, both in time and energy, and that is not easy. Be proud of the fact that you took the leap, that you’re working harder than anyone in your business to make this dream a reality. Give yourself multiple pats on the back because this is NOT simple, and yet you’re waking up each morning ready to tackle the next thing. Allow yourself to feel the feelings of sacrifice and accomplishment for where you are today.

2. Write a Gratitude List

Success doesn’t come without hard work, but there is so much to be grateful for on top of working hard. Perhaps it’s connections that led you to your current state. Maybe it’s investors or timing or education that put you where you are. It could even be a gratitude list of the people that support you, the people that have had faith in you, and the people that are cheering you on. Gratitude will absolutely help you realize the success you’ve experienced because it WILL be there, even if it’s small.

3. Read Your Reviews

We hope people are taking the time to leave you a review and that you’re seeing a positive response from customers or clients. And if not, they will come! But one of the best ways to FEEL successful is to read what others are saying about you and your business. Their true, unpaid words are a direct reflection of your hard work. That is something to relish in and enjoy! Hopefully the words of affirmation that are being given to your business will fuel you to continue making it the best you can be.

There is such a direct correlation between having business success and feeling successful. You need to take the time to FEEL your emotions during the business development process because it will impact how you show up to work each day!

We have experienced all sorts of feelings over the years when it comes to Peanut Butter Creative and we can confidently say that when implementing these tips (sometimes even daily!), we FEEL better about our business and that comes out when working with our clients.

You got this!


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