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Seven Goal-Setting Tips for Entrepreneurs

Setting goals is a practice that many people, especially entrepreneurs, do every year in preparation for the next. We absolutely love aiming for lofty goals but over the years, we’ve established what we REALLY need to do in order to hit those milestones.

In addition to setting goals, you also need to determine *how* you’re going to get there. What’s it going to take to reach each goal? What do you need to start doing, or stop doing? Those actionable steps are what truly move the needle.

For example, our goal last year was to double our revenue from the prior year. We set that goal and then determined what we’d have to make each month. Then, we determined our call conversion rate (% of people who actually booked with us after an initial call) and figured out how many calls we’d need to have per week, all year long, to reach our numbers. And we did hit our goal! 🎉

As you are setting or reevaluating your goals for the next year, use this simple template to help you develop your action plans.

This year, we’re working towards and in order to do that, we will .

Are you struggling to develop your vision and goals for your business? Check out these goal-setting tips to help guide you through your journey.

+ Be strategic. Set goals that are challenging but still attainable. You will have the confidence to work on your goals knowing you will eventually reach them. Set high standards for yourself and your business - but be realistic.

+ Be specific. Narrow down your goals and be specific about what exactly you want to achieve. When you are specific this can help develop the steps needed to reach the goals.

+ Write them down. When you put your dreams and goals on paper (or a digital file) you make them real. Get it all out of your head and onto paper. Then put it where you can see it (maybe in multiple places) to keep you focused and on track.

+ Share them with others. Sharing your goals and actionable steps with others provides accountability. Text, call, or email someone to tell them about your goals so it’s out of your head and heart and out into the universe.

+ Make them relevant. How do your specific goals relate to your values, vision, and long-term goals for your business? Staying relevant to your big picture will give you direction as you move to grow your business.

+ Set deadlines. Give yourself a time frame to complete your goals or milestones. Breaking it down and creating deadlines keeps you focused and helps you prioritize what needs to be done first and when. You are more likely to reach your goals when you have a deadline to meet.

+ Make them measurable. How will you know you have reached your goals? What does that look like? How will you evaluate what is working and what needs to be adjusted in order to stay on track with your milestones? When setting your goals remember to reevaluate your systems and processes and make changes as needed.

Don’t just focus on just setting your goals instead, focus on creating strategic, actionable steps that will benefit your business and help you grow! If you need help figuring out what this looks like for you, book a complimentary chat with us and we’d love to help you reach your dreams.

Set, share, plan, & execute!


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