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The Best Kind of Client Reviews to Feature

Client reviews are ESSENTIAL for your brand. Want to know why? Because over 90% of people read reviews before making a purchase or signing up for a service. Showcasing testimonials or reviews on your social media, website, or other platform can be the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars. So are all reviews worth the same value? What types of reviews are worth sharing and how do you know what type of review to feature?

Today we’re walking through the best kinds of client reviews to re-share on your various outlets. While many reviews are accessible on your Google Business Listing, re-publishing the BEST reviews is an excellent (and free to you) marketing strategy you can implement today.

What Makes a Good Review: 3 Things to Know

When a review contains one, two, or all three of the following concepts, that makes it an excellent candidate for re-sharing with your audience.

1. Positive emotion and relatability

Have you ever read a review on a product or service that made you feel emotional? That’s a powerful review! If you receive a review that portrays a true and sincere positive emotion, along with making you feel relatable to the customer, share that bad boy! That response could sit well with other potential customers and make the difference in them deciding to purchase or sign up.

Example: “I was so grateful to receive my pictures back from Emily Smith Photography. Not only did she capture my family perfectly, she also made us feel so comfortable and at ease during the process. I will cherish these forever and can’t wait to hang them in my home so we can all look at them often. Thank you Emily!” - Jill

This review does a great job about making you feel Jill’s joy over receiving her new family photos, not to mention many people anticipate hanging new photos in their home, making this review relatable as well.

2. Specific and detailed

A “Happy with the service” or “Really enjoyed the product” review is nice. But the more detail the better when it comes to a really good review! If you receive a review that gives a lot of depth on the product specifications, service experience, or relationship with the business, spread that review far and wide! This type of specificity is what many people want to learn when reading reviews before purchasing or signing up.

Example: “My jaw nearly dropped when I put on the Pretty in Pink Blouse from Daisy’s Boutique. It fit so perfectly and the texture was even better than described. I feel elegant, professional, and flirty in this top. I can’t wait to wear it to the many events I have coming up this summer!” - Elizabeth

The detail in this review gives the reader a positive visual and confidence in their purchase.

3. Relationship-oriented

Not everyone develops a long-standing relationship with a company or business they purchase a product from once. But can you imagine if they did? Businesses or brands that stay in their customers' minds long-term can be the best kinds of customers (often returning customers). So what does that mean in terms of a relationship-oriented review? This refers to the mention of a positive, grateful, or recurring buyer/seller relationship.

Example: “Poise Salon has a customer for life. I’ve never been happier with my hair since I started coming here 3 years ago. Each time I have an appointment, I’m greeted with such friendly smiles, my stylists hear my request, and I truly feel pampered. They are great to work with my schedule, keep me hydrated and laughing throughout the appointment, and I feel like a million bucks when I leave. Thank you team at Poise!” - Brittany Anne

This review describes a real relationship between Brittany Anne and the stylists at the salon. It favors the friendliness and expertise of the stylists as well as the longevity of her relationship with the salon.

Positive emotion and relatability, specificity and detail, and relationship-oriented reviews are the trifecta of a quality client testimonial worth featuring. If you receive any of these types of reviews, we hope you take the opportunity to brag on your brand and educate any potential or future clients!


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