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The Differentiation Dilemma

You're scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, and pages of Google searches... and there it is. The perfect logo. It looks like you, your company... the brand you want to develop. All it needs is your name and with a quick email to your designer, you could have just that! But, is that what you really want?

Your logo is essentially the face of your company and often, the single identifying mark that your followers, clients and potential customers associate with you. That means that your quality, responsiveness and personality are all represented by that small digital mark created for you. It shouldn't tell any other story but yours and if you're basing your brand after somebody else's, you're losing the opportunity to be heard.

So, what should you do? Go to your designer with words, feelings and photos of what you want your brand to represent, rather than a specific logo or brand you want to emulate. ​​ Is your brand deep, moody, geometric, bold, and adventurous? Send those words with images of traveling and eclectic jewelry or furniture.

Or, maybe you want your brand to be bright, bubbly, cheerful, friendly and exuberant. Send those thoughts with images of sweets, brightly colored high-heels and flowers.


Give us a taste of who you are and what you want your brand to represent and we will take it from there!

Happy branding :)


All images via Pinterest


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