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Ugh, my logo doesn't fit in that space!

I think we can all relate to a time where SOMETHING in the digital world - whether that be a social media site, your web space, or a specific template - required you to upload your logo in a frame that just... didn't work.

Of course, you try repeatedly, thinking it's going to magically change it's mind on your 8th try but you end up with the same result -- a cut off logo that: 1. Doesn't represent your brand 2. Makes you feel/appear less-than professional (even though you totally are!)

If you're anything like us, that just isn't going to work for you. ​​

Not to worry, we have a solution for ya! If at first you don't succeed displaying your brand with your main logo, try, try again with a variation or submark! Umm, a what??

The lowdown on branding elements:

Main Logo: a design adopted by an organization to identify it's product or service Variation: a version of your main logo in an alternate color or orientation Submark: a version of your main logo in a smaller size, style or shape

Need an example? Keep scrolling :)


Our logo package comes standard with a main logo, variation and submark but not all designers include those extra elements so double-check and make sure you're getting the level of versatility you need. Having a variation and submark of your main logo will make it so much easier to brand yourself universally. You'll be able to pick and choose which element will work best to fit in unique spaces while still representing your brand and maintaining professionalism!


Turn this frustration -->

Into this satisfaction --> ​​

Happy Branding!



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