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Your Business Is Not About You

It sounds crazy, but your business is not about you! Yes, it’s your business BUT your business is all about what you can provide for your ideal client. Don’t just focus on your product or service; focus on your audience’s pain-points or problems and how your product or service can be a solution for them. Take the focus off of you and put it on them. How can you best serve them? What solutions can you provide?

When developing your business and brand strategy it’s important to think about what matters most to your ideal client. Prioritize their needs and then figure out what value you can offer them. It’s often overlooked, but figuring out your audience is one of the most important steps when it comes to creating a successful business and branding strategy. Your branding is going to help your ideal customer associate your business with the value and solutions you can provide them.

When you are starting this process, list out the qualities, pain-points, desires, likes, dislikes, etc of your dream client. Figure out what drives them and the best way to connect with them. Dive deeper than basic characteristics, be specific - even give your ideal client a name! Once you’ve taken the time to brainstorm and create this ideal person, you can figure our where to find them and how to reach them.

When you know who your person is and what matters to them, this allows you to thoughtfully lead your business with your audience in mind. When you can connect with your audience, you are able to influence, guide and lead them on a path within your business to truly help them with whatever it is you are offering, whether that’s selling a product, offering coaching services, or running a legal firm; connection is what will drive it all.

At the end of the day, your ideal client is going to be the person who has their exact needs met by what you are offering! So how do you reach them?

  • Be specific! It’s tempting to want to help EVERYONE. But, when you speak to all, you actually speak to none (says Seth Godin, expert entrepreneur), meaning that if you're marketing to everyone, your message is so generic that it's not resonating with anyone. Narrowing your customer base can actually increase your brand exposure and put you in front of potential clients who will benefit from what you have to offer.

  • Be distinct! Don’t try to replicate someone else - be authentic and true to you and speak in your own voice. People can sense inauthenticity from a mile away, regardless if it's intentional or not.

  • Highlight the transformation you can provide! Consumers today want to buy something and have it improve their lives in some way. Because of this, you have to communicate not just what you offer, but how it will offer positive change! Think about how you communicate this to your audience, focus on using “you” instead of “I” in your copy to make it personal and about them. Show them how you can make a difference in their life.

For even more guidance on creating and connecting with your ideal client, check out our freebie here! Need more help? We’re always here to chat strategy and support you in your journey.


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