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3 Reasons Why Your Dream Client Can't Hear You

1. You’re not specific enough in who you’re targeting:

You say you don’t want to turn anyone away, that your services can help EVERYONE. But, when you speak to all, you actually speak to none (says Seth Godin, expert entrepreneur), meaning that if you’re marketing to everyone, your message is so generic that it’s not resonating with anyone.

2. You aren’t distinct enough.

You stand out by being yourself and speaking in your true voice. If you’re flooding your feed with others in your industry (and mimicking them even without knowing) or trying to replicate someone else’s success, it’s absolutely apparent to your audience. People can sense inauthenticity from a mile away, regardless if it’s intentional or not.

3. You aren’t highlighting the transformation you can provide:

Consumers today want to buy something and have it improve their lives in some way. Because of this, you have to communicate not just WHAT you offer, but HOW it will offer positive change.

If you really think about this last point, what change are you selling? Share it below!


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