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4 Signs It's Time for a Rebrand & What To Do About It

If adapting or becoming irrelevant are your two options, we (along with the business you've built!) hope you'd choose the former! Rebranding doesn't have to be as scary as it might sound but it should be done to signify a transition or movement forward for the company. Here are some reasons why you might consider changing up your look and what we would recommend your next steps be:

1. You're starting to look the same as your competition. Just like fashion, current trends affect logos and branding for many different industries. Ten years ago, bright and primary colors were used much more often, as were more complex designs. Today, minimalistic designs with more muted tones are more popular.

That being said, just like you risk running into someone at a party who is wearing the same dress as you are, you may also start to see other companies in your industry with branding in the same look and style as your own. If it's becoming hard for you to differentiate and your clients confuse you with your competitors, it may be time to consider branching out and redefining your brand.

2. You're trying to reach a new market. It's no secret that various generations and geographic regions interpret words, images and tones differently. If you're considering moving into another area, whether that's because you're moving across the country or wanting to reach more millennials, you may also want to think about revisiting your brand to ensure it reaches your new market the way you intend. Researching the market you'd like to tap into is key in this situation so when you're interviewing potential designers, make sure they're willing to help you with this piece!

3. You hesitate to hand out your business cards or direct potential customers to your website. If you find yourself saying (or praying) things like, "please don't judge me based on my website!", then it's definitely time for a rebrand! Holding yourself back from promoting your business is a huge disservice to yourself and your talents. Your logo, website and overall brand should have a look and feel that you're proud of and that accurately represent your skills, service and goals.

4. You're growing past your original vision. If you started offering a single service, like photography, but have decided to expand into other areas, like coaching other photographers, you might be in the right place in your journey to rebrand. This is especially true if you use a specific word like "Photography" in your logo that describes the sole service you've offered in the past.

Okay, you're in the right place to rebrand - now what?

The first step is determining if you should do a partial or a full rebrand. A partial rebrand can include smaller changes, like updating your color scheme or modernizing your logo. A full rebrand is more intensive and would include completely changing your logo, website and other branding elements. Your goals and reason for updating your look would dictate the level of rebrand needed but keep in mind, while a partial rebrand can be done multiple times throughout the life of your business to help you stay relevant and competitive, a full rebrand should be rare and carefully planned out.

Once you've determined the level of rebranding that fits your needs best, you can work with your designer to complete your new look. While your branding is under construction, we suggest letting your clients and followers know to expect a change and even better, give them some background as to why you're changing to help avoid any confusion. Explain your new goals, how your new look will better serve your current and potential customers and when they can expect to see the new you.

Once your logo, website and branding is complete, celebrate! Make a big deal of releasing and launching your new branding. Craft special social media posts, dedicate a blog post to showing off your new look and/or send an email to your past clients to share this milestone. Your attitude should dictate how you'd like your clients to respond to your changes.

If we can help you with rebranding your company, please let us know - we'd love to serve you during this important step in your journey!

As always - happy branding!



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