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5 Unique Business Ideas to Try Out in 2024

If you’re anything like us, you’ve likely had a few “Holy moly, it’s already 2024?!” moments this month. While we absolutely love starting a new year with fresh goals and ideas, it also can be a shock to the system that another year has come and gone. Have you found yourself thinking, “I wish I accomplished a bit more last year.” Or, “I’m happy with what last year gave me, but this year I want to go bigger.” If either of these thoughts have gone through your mind, it’s obvious you’re a go-getter and take great pride in working hard!

Similarly, we love to push ourselves to new heights and dream big. Since starting our business years ago, we’ve set and met many goals, only to then set even higher ones. We love the opportunity to chase our dreams and hope you do too! 

With that in mind, one of our favorite things to discuss early on in the year is what ideas we want to try out to help us grow both in business and on a personal level. This could be both little things we have a passion for that might not make substantial revenue, all the way to huge ideas that could really take off. By brainstorming ideas early on in the year, we can evaluate which ideas actually make sense to push forward with. 

After talking it over and doing a bit of research, we want to share some unique ideas we’ve thought of that ANY business owner could consider in the coming months. These ideas are not only doable for anyone, but could be the difference maker in your brand really getting on the map. We invite you to explore these ideas and consider the impact they could make for you!

5 Business Ideas to Help Your Business Grow This Year

1. White Label Services

Are you familiar with the term “white labeling”? In short, this is when you produce a product or a service and offer it to another business to put their name on it, letting their brand carry the value. Don’t worry, you get paid for the work you do in creating it in the first place!

This idea could work for your business if you have a product or service to sell. By developing and creating the idea, item, or process, you can then sell it unbranded to another company or person. This often involves discussing the value of the product or service and how they will use it, either partially or in full. 

For example, let’s say that you own a photography business. You can’t sell your camera or your software that you use, but you could sell your work to a stock photography company or other image database. 

2. Business Launch Support

Are you someone who started and built up your business from the ground up? If so, that is AMAZING! Your ability to research, identify, learn, and create your business is an impressive accomplishment.

That being said, have you ever thought of sharing your knowledge on how you did it? Even if your startup experienced normal bumps and growing pains, teaching others who want to do something similar to you would be an invaluable experience for them. 

Consider providing a business launch support service. You could develop a helpful digital guide, run a class or two in your community, or even put it out on social media that you have valuable information to share and that people could message you to schedule a call. This idea could be small at first but could easily turn into a large revenue stream. 

3. Digital Course Creation

We absolutely love seeing the surge in course creation these days. If you have information that is different from someone else out there, why not make money selling it? 

Similar to #2 above, if you have knowledge on a specific topic or strategy that could benefit another individual that is either hoping to make it in a similar business OR just wants to learn personally, turn that knowledge into a digital course that others can pay to learn from. 

If you are a salon owner, you could create a digital course on new and innovative hair care techniques. If you are an interior designer, teach other designers how to stand out in a popular field. If you are in real estate or event planning, consider creating a course centered around your philosophies for success and individualism. The possibilities are endless!

4. Entertainment

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the incredible amount of entertainment that exists in our world today? You don’t have to look far to be entertained, either by in-person entertainment (think concerts, plays, etc.) or digital entertainment (streaming services, social media, etc.) 

We think it’s important to have some form of entertainment in our lives to bring us joy and happiness. We also can see our brand becoming a source of entertainment for others when executed properly.

Consider the value of entertaining online using your brand. Could you share funny stories, anecdotes, memes, or videos that increase your following or engagement? You absolutely could!

Even if your business has a certain niche that isn’t considered “entertaining”, you can always find a way to bring humor or enlightenment to your audience. You just have to think outside the box, but it could be the difference in several thousand more people seeing you and then becoming interested in your offering! 

5. Brand Merchandise

When we first decided to create some brand merchandise for Peanut Butter Creative, it was a literal “pinch me” moment for us. We were actually putting our brand on items that other people could wear or use in their own lives. How cool is that?! 

Creating brand merchandise can be an excellent source of revenue for you, especially as your following or customer base grows. Many people consider buying brand merchandise when they fall in love with a brand and want to show their support. 

As you feel your brand has reached the point where your customers or followers want to show their love and support, consider investing in merchandise to give them that opportunity. You can start small with things like stickers, pens, tumblers, or magnets and expand over time to sweatshirts, ball caps, totes, or even backpacks. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they would most love to have! 


It’s 2024, baby! Your business is just starting out in a new year and things could look so different one year from now. What are you going to try throughout the next 12 months to elevate your brand? We believe that whatever it is, you’re going to do great! 

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