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How to Get Back on Track With Your New Year’s Goals

We’ve all been there. It’s January 1st, our New Year’s resolutions are set, and we’re feeling pumped to crush our goals in the coming months. Maybe it’s building more followers, attending more networking events, or rebranding your business to reach a bigger audience.

But for many, February rolls around and the motivation has somehow dwindled… maybe even gone extinct entirely. We find ourselves back in our usual routines, familiar projects, or buried in emails that take time away from reaching those goals.

No judgment to anyone that’s fallen short of their goals after only one month. We’ve been there too! But today, we’re going to talk about how you can get back on that bandwagon and how to re-motivate yourself to slay your goals again. We believe you can do it!


1. Re-commit starting NOW

Say it with me: The past doesn’t matter. Last week doesn’t matter and neither does that failed attempt a few days ago! You can re-commit starting NOW to reaching your goals through the strategies and methods you set up originally. No one is keeping track of the events you missed, the unnecessary projects you spent too long on, or the emails you didn't reply to. Look ahead only and re-commit starting NOW.

2. Map out your game-plan with MORE detail

Ideally, you wrote out your goals (highly recommend physically writing them down and putting them somewhere you can see them every day!) and had a plan for how to achieve them. Was it detailed enough to include moments of weakness or how to avoid a distraction? Make sure to spell out (again, on paper!) exactly how you will achieve your goal AND what to do if an obstacle comes in your path.

For example, if your goal was to go to more networking events, your “map” could look like this:

Goal: Attend 3 networking events in quarter 1

Plan: Identify 3 networking events that are work my time and attention. Register for said events (if necessary) and put them on my calendar. Schedule prep time in advance of each event to feel prepared and ready to attend with confidence. On the day of, wake up early and get dressed for success. Confidence is key at these types of events!

See how simple that was? Map it out with detail and include the words you need to hear when you may be feeling a little weak or nervous!

3. Remember your goal’s purpose

When you first set your goal, was it because something had recently happened to make you feel inspired to change? Or perhaps you are wanting to achieve something great to move up in your career, your living situation, your finances, etc. Did an event, person, or experience cause you to feel a certain way, prompting you to set that goal? Remember back on that moment, experience, or conversation. Recall the details, your feelings, and even the hours or days following it. Going back to this place can help you get in tune with your WHY again, further prompting re-motivation.

4. Find someone to hold you accountable

This piece of advice often comes with typical goal-setting tips, but it’s worth including again here when you may have fallen off the wagon. Having an accountability partner can be HUGE when trying to achieve a goal. Not only can they be the person who reminds you of your why, but they can also offer encouragement if your goal temporarily seems out of reach. They likely will know you well enough to want to see you succeed and know how to push you just enough to keep going. If it’s a close friend, family member, or even spouse, ask them to do daily or weekly check-ins with you. Knowing they will do so can additionally help you re-ignite your motivation.

5. Celebrate your wins, big or small

We’re all about celebrating when something goes well, we get one step closer to our goals, or we simply made it out of bed that day. Life is hard sometimes, but celebrating the small wins definitely makes it more enjoyable! Whether it’s a small win related to your goal, or a small win related to nothing other than your day’s progress, take a moment to celebrate! Say out loud, “Yes girl! You did it!” or “I’m proud of myself!” These little moments of acknowledgment can change your mind from instinctual criticism to noticing all the good you’ve created.

Tomorrow is a new day. With a plan, a partner, and a purpose, not to mention a little cheerleading thrown in there, you will slay those goals all day!

You got this!


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