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How to Show Your Clients You're Thankful for their Business

As you all know, Thanksgiving is around the corner. It's the perfect time to reflect on the year - your accomplishments, your challenges, milestones, be they big and small, in your personal life and beyond! As we wrap up our year at Peanut Butter Creative, we've extended those reflections on our own business and are feeling especially grateful and thankful for all of our clients that make our wheels turn. We feel so lucky that our clients have become our friends, our supporters and a huge source of inspiration and hope that in your business, you have clients and customers who do the same for you!

With that, we're sharing some tips on how to show your clients how thankful you are for their business:

1. Simply Say It: Write a thoughtful, handwritten note and pop it in the mail. Call your client and thank them over the phone. If you're short on time, even sending an email or a text message will let your client know they are important to you.

2. Send a Gift: Who doesn't like gifts?! It doesn't have to be an expensive item but be sure to put some thought behind it. Think about your client and their lifestyle - what would they appreciate most? Even a $5 coffee gift card goes a long way during this busy time of year!

3. Promote Your Client's Business, Organization or Charity on Your Website, Blog or Social Media: Business thrives on word of mouth and simply getting your name and story out there. Whether your client is a business owner themselves or maybe they just have an organization or charity they are dedicated to and need help sharing, returning the favor of promotion for your customer is a great way to help show your support and gratitude.

4. Support Your Client and Choose Them As A Vendor When you Can! Does your client work in the auto industry? Use them next time you need an oil change. Maybe your client is an artist, purchase some of their pieces, buy their album or download their podcast. Your client will appreciate your business and the cycle will start all over again!

5. Write Your Client a Review: After using your client's product or service, write them a review! As you probably know, reviews mean everything in today's day and age. Show your client you are grateful for them by giving them the gift of a glowing review.

These are just some ways you can show your customers how thankful you are to have earned their business - the more personalized, the better. We wouldn't be where we are today without all of our amazing clients - thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our vision and for trusting us with all of your branding and graphic design needs!

May the rest of your year be filled with love and gratitude!




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