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If You Want a Successful Business, Invest in It.

There is no way around investing in your business if you want and expect it to grow and, doing so financially is just one aspect of investing. Spending your time and energy ON your business, rather than exclusively IN it is essential and needs to be scheduled in for most of us.

Personally, I schedule in my meditation and dreaming about our business every night before I fall asleep. On Monday mornings, I go through our Quickbooks to make sure everything is in order for the week. And every evening after my kids go to sleep, my most creative time of the day, I focus on client design work.

You may not always have the funds you'd like to invest, but you can always prioritize where and how you spend your time and energy. What you put into your business, you will get back. Of course, it's important to include rest time in your week as well but intentionality with how you spend your time, energy and money is what will really move the needle with your business growth.

What are some ways you invest time, money or energy?


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