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There are 15 days left in the year - is that dream still weighing on your heart? What are you waiting for?

Start now. Start where you are - in fear, in anxiousness, or in doubt. You, my love, were made for more, you were meant to follow your dreams and fulfill your purpose.

It’s so easy to push our dreams and ideas out into the future because then, we don’t have any responsibility to them at the present moment.

But, “day one” doesn’t have to be a major launch day or the start of a big life change, or even the first day of a new year. Day one can be when you start googling colleges so you can go back to school. It’s when you tell your spouse or your best friend about your business idea so it becomes real. It’s the day you make the decision to simply write down your overarching goal instead of letting it live in your mind.

As women, the comparison game is so easy to jump into and it can be a rabbit hole of feeling like you aren’t good enough or worthy of your dreams. But, in order to be a successful, strategic and confident entrepreneur, you must quiet that noise.

Cheer others on, build others up, but know that your time can be ‘now’ too. Remember that you need to cheer yourself on just as much as you do everyone else - you deserve to build yourself up as much as you do others.

When you make the conscious decision to recognize that you ARE worth your dreams and that you DO believe in yourself and your capabilities, in business and in life, everything else will follow suit.

So don’t wait! Let your “day one” be the day you make a tiny move in the direction you want to go in. Any day can be a “day one”, but don’t keep pushing it away because the steps to your end goal seem too great. Take the smallest step and you’ll still be moving forward.

That one small step, that day one, will turn into more steps, more days, and so on. You’ll get there if you just start.

Here are some small 5-minute steps you can take right now to get one inch closer to your dream:

+ Get on Google and type in your idea and see what comes up for some inspiration

+ Look for a free course on something related to your dream

+ Make a vision board on Pinterest with what you desire

+ Text, call or email someone to tell them about your idea so it’s out of your head and heart and out into the universe

+ Holding back because your dream requires a large investment of equipment? Look for some used items on Marketplace to get started vs. purchasing brand new.

What is ONE small step you can commit to taking today to get started on a dream you’ve been putting off waiting for one day?

Let this be your sign to start with one small step towards your dream, TODAY, you got this girl!


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