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Our Plans for June Philanthropy Month

Every June, Jenna and I dedicate the month to helping nonprofits with design services free of charge. We LOVE doing this for a few reasons:

- We understand running a nonprofit is serious business and so difficult to do within the confines of a tight budget. We enjoy being able to alleviate some of that stress by providing complimentary professional-looking branding and designs

- There are so many nonprofits out there tackling huge issues and raising money for amazing causes. It's so fun for us to learn about these different organizations and feels great knowing there are so many good people out there helping.

- One of our business goals has always been to use our skills and time to help others and we get so much joy out of doing it!

This year, we've selected two new organizations to partner with and are still volunteering for the Tennyson Center for Children, one of our very favorite nonprofits. Here's where we will be spending a lot of our time this month:

- Mama Packs for Kenya: After going on a medical mission trip to Kenya this spring, Madeline and her friend Kate decided to start Mama Packs for Kenya, which is centered on giving women a healthy, dignified birth. While in Kenya, Madeline learned that new mothers must bring all of their own supplies to the hospital for their births, including a roll of cotton for bleeding, a blanket for the baby, a plate and cup if they'd like to eat and a bar of soap to wash themselves afterwards. They must also clean up after themselves, dumping water from their shower into the toilet. Often times, women aren't able to afford all of the items they'll need and must choose between either a bar of soap, or a blanket for their baby. Mama Packs for Kenya works with vendors local to Kenya to create packages that contain the items new mothers need, helping both women and the local economy. We're super excited to work with Madeline and her team on spreading the word about her new organization and designing various items for them!

- Pei People Shar Pei Rescue: You might follow Jenna's three year old Shar Pei Douglas and his sister Gia on Instagram (@douglasthedoggy) and if so, you know about her love for this sweet breed! Jenna has wanted a shar pei since as long as I can remember, she's talked about it forever and now has two cutie pups that we all love so much! We decided to reach out to Pei People Shar Pei Rescue this June to see if we can help with any of their design needs because of our love of animals, dogs and this breed specifically! Pei People focuses on rescuing and re-homing shar peis, and unfortunately because of a mix of their breed and neglect, a lot of times these dogs have extensive health issues that need to be fixed before they can be placed with a forever home. We love that this organization raises funds to get these sweet animals the surgeries and medications they need to be their best selves and then takes the time to find a loving home for each of them. We can't wait to design for them and be an even closer member of the shar pei community!

- The Tennyson Center for Children: The TCC has been close to our hearts for a long time. This is actually our fourth year volunteering with them! Tennyson Center for Children is "dedicated to helping children who have experienced severe abuse, neglect, and/or trauma so they can bravely, and safely, change their life’s story." The TCC helps the kids who need it most and has been around for 114 years helping kids in Colorado. We've been volunteering with them on fundraising event they do every June, a wine tasting called Corks for a Cause, and it's one of our favorite events to help with and attend. If anyone is interested in attending, you can purchase tickets here!

PBC at Corks for a Cause last year with the programs we designed for them :)

In addition to these organizations, we'll be helping others who contact us as well! We offer free logo design services during the entire month of June but are happy to trade that for other design services and consult on branding and printing as well. Please let us know if we can help an organization close to your heart - we look forward to it!



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