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Spring in Colorado Bucket List!

We are on baby watch over here as my due date is this week! Having babies isn't the only thing spring is good for ;) so we put together this little list of things we love doing in the springtime around Colorado and some things we plan to do this year!

1. Go on a champagne picnic hike - Pack a backpack with cheese, crackers, fruit, chocolate, etc. and throw in a little bottle of bubbly and hit the trails! There are so many amazing hiking trails along the Front Range so you don't even have to go far. Some of our favorites are Castlewood Canyon south of Parker and Chautauqua Park in Boulder.

2. Plant an herb garden - It's so refreshing to have some lively, aromatic herbs growing in the spring! You can get some small pots and grow everything from basil, to mint, to parsley.

3. Visit the Botanic Gardens - The early flowers, like the day lilies and irises, are just starting to bloom and are so pretty. The Botanic Gardens has a lot of gorgeous exhibits right now and has free days at both locations this spring (April 8th at the York St. location and April 3rd at Chatfield Farms!)

4. Fly a kite - These breezy March days are perfect for kite flying! Our mom would take us to fly kites when we were little but we haven't done it since (this is also an activity that you could pair with a champagne picnic! ;) )

5. Be outside when it rains - Sit on your porch and enjoy the sounds and smells of a rainstorm or throw on some boots and go run around!

6. Make some spring recipes - This one-pot spring vegetable fettuccine alfredo and this lemon butter cake are definitely on our lists this season!

7. Go to the Wild Animal Sanctuary - We love this place and can't wait to go back. We just found out about it last year which is crazy because it's been in Colorado for so long and is such an amazing organization. They care for almost 300 lions, bears, jaguars, wolves, tigers and other large carinvores, most of which were rescued from cruel situations. What is really cool about the sanctuary is that you walk through the exhibits on pathways high above the enclosures so you see the animals from above without disturbing them. They will be out and about this spring so it's a great time to go see them!

8. Work on some spring cleaning - There's no better time to get organized and clear out clutter than the springtime! Sort through your closet and donate the clothes you never work last summer or winter, reorganize your kitchen or bathroom cabinets or clean out your garage on a warm day. You'll feel ready to enjoy the season with a fresh start!

What do you have on your list to do this spring?




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