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The Importance of Spring Cleaning Your Small Business

Goodbye February, Hello March!

We are thrilled to be welcoming a new month and the near approach of springtime. While the weather isn’t quite warm yet (for us Coloradans), we know that it’s just around the corner and we’re itching to tackle all things “spring cleaning.”

Are you a spring cleaner in your own home? How about your business? Yes! It’s just as important to do an annual “spring cleaning” of your business as it is your home!

A spring cleaning of your business is just like it sounds: a review, clean out, declutter, and re-organization of your important processes, systems, inventory, and even business and marketing plans. Just because you made some of these once, doesn’t mean they are set for good.

An annual spring cleaning gives you a chance to look again, with fresh eyes, at how your business is operating, what is working, and what could be improved.

There are countless benefits to completing a formal or informal business spring cleaning. Let’s discuss a few!

Reasons That You Need to Complete a Business Spring Cleaning

1. Boosts Productivity

You know that feeling after deep cleaning your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, eliminating all the trash, odd items, or clutter, and you feel like you just conquered the world? That feeling often leads to increased productivity and even more cleaning. It’s contagious how cleaning one thing makes you want to clean another!

This applies in business too. You can evaluate, review, and “declutter” a process of your business during your annual spring cleaning and it will motivate you, and your employees, to reassess other areas of the business that can be improved.

Changes or improvements to one area can lead to or roll over into another area and eventually, your whole business has received an important review and overhaul.

While you shouldn’t feel pressured to tackle every corner of your business all at once, ride the productivity feeling you get after looking over a few places. You may just find that it gives you a fresh perspective that your business really needs.

2. Reduces Stress and Boost Endorphins

Everyone is different, but we certainly feel a lot more stress when our home or offices are cluttered and disorganized. This absolutely applies to our business processes and systems as well.

A cluttered environment or business set up will for sure make you feel more frazzled and stressed. So consider this in your business spring cleaning efforts! You are helping yourself to be more successful, less stressed, and competent when all of your systems and processes are updated and running smoothly.

And in case you missed the science lesson, removing stress can boost positive endorphins in your body. Quite literally you will feel a physical difference when you eliminate, review, and declutter and areas of your business that are weighing you down.

3. Increased Sales & Revenue

Yes, this may be obvious, but think about it: an improved business plan, a more streamlined ordering process, or even simplified operations overall will lead to a BETTER business. And better equals more success which equals increased sales and revenue. That’s what we all want, right?!

If you want your business to be running at its best, increasing sales, clients, customers, and overall revenue, make spring cleaning a priority. Not only will you feel more productive and less stressed, but your books will see the effects of your labors.

We love nothing more than helping businesses reevaluate or re-brand to see higher success. Are you needing a formal spring cleaning? Let us help you!


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